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International Baccalaureate: Business Studies

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  1. How can Orchid Jewelz modify its promotion mix to launch its product in the domestic retail market for branded jewelry?

    Jewelry is perceived as a luxury good that is also a fashion statement among women today. The firm should go ahead with opening a retail store. The firm does not need to modify its manufacturing as they already manufacture design and quality that meets the demand of people. They just need to modify their promotion. They need to aim at the high-end crowd and present their product as trendy and fashionable. This would increase their profits and give them a brand identity.This project has helped me learn a lot about the functioning of the market and helped me gain a broader perspective of business management as a whole.

    • Word count: 3274
  2. The opportunity exists whereby RDB Palace, a low budget hotel, can differentiate itself to be known as the best budget hotel in the city of Jaipur. It is looking at the marketing strategies in order to reach that level.

    During the peak season (oct-march), when large number of tourists visits the city, the occupancy rate goes up to 95%. This is because large number of tourists visits the city in winter. RDB Palace was built keeping in mind that Jaipur being a tourist destination has a very bright future. Realising, Mr.Ashok Baheti planned and RDB Palace was built in 2001. The hotel has 14 rooms in total- 8 semi-deluxe rooms and 6 deluxe rooms. Each semi-deluxe room costs Rs.

    • Word count: 3437
  3. What non financial motivations can Ocean Exim India Pvt. Ltd. use to increase labor productivity and decrease labor turnover?

    Further discussions (like motivational theories) are used for understanding of the problem and helping the firm in plotting there line of action and also helping the firm to get the answers of some unanswered questions. Research Proposal Research Question: What non financial motivations can Ocean Exim India Pvt. Ltd. use to increase labor productivity and decrease labor turnover? Rationale for study: Ocean Exim India Pvt. Ltd. recently experienced delay in its shipments and also received a few complains regarding the quantity as well as quality of the products.

    • Word count: 3701
  4. Managing HR in Global Business

    HR management can play a role in identifying and analyzing external opportunities and threats that may be crucial to the company's success. It is in a unique position to supply competitive intelligence that may be useful in the strategic planning process. In the global service industry, it is essential to manage staff well as employee satisfaction should come before customer satisfaction. As employees are the internal customers. It is the employees who come in contact with your customers and deliver the service ultimately.

    • Word count: 4039
  5. Management Process

    It can be observed by a look at the data in the old layout that the two largest movements are between D- E and B-E. So keeping that in mind in the new layout E was placed in the centre and D and B were placed on its both sides. Since the cost of movement from D is half that of B, so it was placed to the right of E in the new layout. B was placed inside due to cost from its movement and also due to the factor that it had a greater number of movements with other desks, i.e.

    • Word count: 4423

    To obtain the information on behaviour of smokers regarding smoking-related litter. Detailed descriptions of each objective are shown below: 1. To gain an updated profile of smokers: It would attempt to present a broad picture of smokers, including the number of people who smoke, the proportion of smokers at different gender, age, socio-economic classification etc. Not only would it give you an overall idea about smokers in Wales recently, but also be useful as a reference of evaluation to compare with the situation after the new campaign launches.

    • Word count: 4142
  7. Quality circles

    Further, understanding of the tools and techniques which can be used by quality circles to investigate and remedy quality problems, and demonstrate an understanding of the organizational implications of instituting a programme of quality circles. (Forray and Woodilla 2002, p899-916) Quality circle at UPS a case study The Impact of Globalization on Quality Since the beginning of the quality movement post World War II, globalization has had a drastic impact on quality. When the U.S. was the only major manufacturer in the world after the others had been demolished during WWII, the U.S.

    • Word count: 3336
  8. The Main advantages and disadvantages of mixed economy system

    As Albert Einstein said: "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." And there is no reason to re-invent a wheel, as there are countries in the world that manage to function normally during that global crisis. Maybe we should just analyze their actions and performance and try the same approach? 1.2. The aim of the paper The aim of this course paper is to analyze the importance of governmental control in mixed economy in connection with its main advantages and disadvantages and to investigate what can happen to an economy during the crisis when there is a lack of governmental control.

    • Word count: 4458
  9. Estrategias de Marketing para supermercado Cordiez

    Marco Te�rico El programa en que se trabajar� ser� el de Empresa y Gesti�n, abordando particularmente temas de marketing. Para abordar este problema se recurrir� a encuestas estructuradas a clientes y empleados de la organizaci�n, as� como una entrevista no estructurada realizada al gerente de la empresa, para obtener informaci�n propia de la misma. Se usar�n, adem�s, modelos como el An�lisis D.A.F.O. y teor�as desarrollados por autores reconocidos como Michael E. Porter as� como fuentes secundarias de Internet y libros, entre los que encontramos al libro Marketing del siglo XX1 (Rafael Mu�iz Gonz�lez)

    • Word count: 6760
  10. Business Plan

    The firm 'Memoirs' was conceptualized due to the lack of event planning services being offered in the country's market. Another factor that influenced the creation of this firm was the shortage of event planners present in the country. There was one market leader that did not cater to all the needs of its clients. The services offered by 'Memoirs' will benefit the target market in such a way that its clientele will not have to worry about events that they need to host. This Limited Liability Company (LLC) will initially employ only six individuals. The firm will therefore be able to provide limited liability protection to the owners.

    • Word count: 3436
  11. Starbucks expansion into China

    In 1971, Starbucks opened its first coffee shop at Seattle. Since then, more and more coffee stores scattered across the United States and Canada. The serious problem which Starbucks faced to was saturated home market. In 1996, therefore, Starbucks expended its retail business to overseas, with new locations in Japan, Hawaii, and Singapore orderly, while keeping increase of profit in its home market (Qin, 2004). Where did it choose first? And then where? It was until 1999 that the first Starbucks entered into Beijing, China. After that, it opened around 165 outlets in several big cities in this country, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and so on.

    • Word count: 6489
  12. The Business Environment of Coca Cola

    According to the company, the Coca-Cola syrup has been created by the Atlanta pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton on 8th of May, 1886. In mixes with soda water the syrup has turned to the new drink named "Coca-Cola". Benjamin F. Thomas and Joseph B. Whitehead, businessmen from Chattanooga secured the rights to bottle and sell Coca-Cola in the United States from the Coca Cola Company. This year the first factory producing new drink was built, and the number of Coca-Cola producing factories after 20 years exceeded 1000s.

    • Word count: 4890
  13. The Business Strategy of Pizza Hut

    This is Pizza Hut, which offers different styles of pizzas. Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., the world's largest restaurant company, with approximately 34,000 restaurants, delivery-carry out units, and kiosks in 100 countries. Pizza Hut was started in 1958, by two brothers in Wichita, Kansas. Frank and Dan Carney had an idea to open a pizza parlor. They have borrowed $600 from their mother, and opened the very first Pizza Hut. In 1959, the first franchise unit opened in Topeka, Kansas.

    • Word count: 4303
  14. Should easyJet further penetrate the market for air travel between the UK and Greece? If yes, should the expansion plan be organic or via a takeover?

    The discussion part suggests that the second option forms a more attractive investment opportunity of easyJet. Research Proposal Research Question ?Should easyJet further penetrate the market for air travel between the UK and Greece? If yes, should the expansion plan be organic or via a takeover?? Rationale An investment dilemma is explored whereby easyJet Ltd. UK?s largest low-cost carrier assesses two investment opportunities. On the one hand, the firm examines the possibility of launching a new route between London and Volos in mainland Greece.

    • Word count: 3576
  15. Ford Company Analysis - corporate structure and financial analysis

    Charter of the Audit Committee 2. Charter of the Compensation Committee 3. Charter of the Finance Committee 4. Charter of the Nominating and Governance Committee 5. Charter of the Sustainability Committee 6. Corporate Governance Principles 7. Code of Conduct Handbook 8. Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Personnel 9. Code of Ethics for the Board of Directors 1.2 Charter of the Audit Committee The Audit Committee should provide assistance to the directors of the company in fulfilling their responsibility to the shareholders relating to corporate accounting matters, the financial reporting practices of the company and the quality and integrity of the financial reports of the company.

    • Word count: 6618
  16. Analysis of the marketing mix of Tata Nano

    This is the first time that a two-cylinder gasoline engine is being used in a car with a single balancer shaft. The lean design strategy has helped minimise weight, which helps maximise performance per unit of energy consumed and delivers high fuel efficiency. Performance is controlled by a specially designed electronic engine management system. c) Meets all safety requirements The People?s Car?s safety performance exceeds current regulatory requirements. With an all sheet-metal body, it has a strong passenger compartment, with safety features such a scrumple zones, intrusion-resistant doors, seats belts, strong seats and anchorages, and the rear tailgate glass bonded to the body.

    • Word count: 3003
  17. Case Study of Reach Out, a business providing therapy to children with autism.

    Non-profit organization An organization that operates as a professional business but without the main objective of earning a profit. KEY BUSINESS TERM DEFINITION 1. Ethical objective The aims of an organization that falls within a moral framework or fair business practices. 1. Vision statement A brief outline of a business?s aspirations in the distant future. 1. Mission statement A simple statement that outline the purpose of an organisation?s existence. 1. Donation A sum of money given to a charity or non-profit organization. 1. Revenue Total sum of money earned by an organization for providing a good or service. 1.

    • Word count: 4887
  18. Business plan for Laundry Toaster laundry dryer.

    This way, working peoples don?t have to worry about drying clothes during rainy season and it also solved problems for peoples who have less time to do laundry because of working. We have already installed some safety devices inside the cupboard for safety purposes and make it much safer for people with small children. This product will help people to simplify their duty and gives more time for other duties. Our target market is employed men and women between the ages of 18 and 54 with a household income of RM15,000 or more who lives in the city because most

    • Word count: 8823
  19. Business Plan - EDGE is a video production company that aims to create self-promotional tools for budding athletes who want to set themselves apart from the competition

    Our video production agency will include rental cameras, personal film crews, and professional editing. For the film crew option there will be multiple packages of varying cameras and lengths of time, and for the editing, you can send in your own footage or have us edit the footage that we compiled during the shoot. For rentals, we will pursue a partnership with the budding action sports company, GoPro, so people can have trial periods to see what exactly the rage is with the newest point of view (POV)

    • Word count: 5538
  20. Kentucky Fried Chicken Marketing Mix Report

    Demographic Segmentation Age: There is not a specific age segmentation of KFC, most consumers in KFC ages from 6 to 65. Gender: Both male and female Income: Above $10,000, below the average level in U.S Family size: 2-5 people. One of KFC?s strength is its focus on family meal. Family life cycle: KFC is suitable in every stage of life such as single person, single married couple as well as those who have children. (3) Psychographic Segmentation Personality: Consumers in KFC are open, casual and easy-going.

    • Word count: 3003
  21. How does an international chain hotel and individual hotel operate differently ?

    For primary research also called field research I will create an online survey to find out how do people chose between individual and international hotel and which kind of hotels do people prefer more based on the quality of service, facility and value for money . According to this feedback from customers, I can start understand more about the differences between these two kinds of hotel and this will guide me to answer how the hotel operates differently. And it will also help when I doing the marketing mix because I will make my own marketing mix for both types of hotels using my data information.

    • Word count: 4035
  22. My paper on the Deltic Timber Corporation provides an overview of the company, and through using Porter`s 5 forces model, presenting the strategic analysis of both the company and its industry.

    1. The threat of new entrants. Deltic Timber Corp., operating in lumber industry, suffers very high competition. While the barriers to start up a lumber manufacturing corporation are not impossible to overcome, the threat of new entrants is big. 1. Power of suppliers. Historically, retailers have tried to exploit relationships with suppliers. In this business the suppliers do not have so high influence. Deltic timber Corp. has 480 acres of forest and it supplies its manufacturing on its own. Thus, it is not dependable on suppliers. 1. Power of buyers. Individually, customers have little bargaining power with it because the demand for wood is big.

    • Word count: 5289
  23. 7p's of Tourism In Bangladesh

    The sample comprised of more than ten Governmental and non-governmental institutes those who are working with the tourism in Bangladesh. Necessary information and data were collected from direct interview and from official website of the agencies. 1.5 Limitations of the study The study covered very limited number of sample organization in respect of its real scope all over the country. To overcome these limitations, an intensive study of existing literature in this field, foreign journal, relevant publication by Government and other private agencies were studied.

    • Word count: 4956
  24. Organisational Behaviour (in short called as OB) is concerned with the study of the behaviour and interaction of people in restricted or organised settings.

    Describe 2. Understand 3. Predict, AND 4. Control. Task 1: 1. Compare and contrast different organisational structures and culture 2. Explain how the relationship between an organisation?s structure and culture can impact on the performance of the business 3. Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour at work First of all, an organisational structure refers to how an organisation has Hierarchical subordinates of persons concerned to achieve the same goal. The culture of an organisation can be described as the value, attitudes and beliefs of people within an organisation. The structure and the culture of the organisation reflects the aims and strategies to be accomplished.

    • Word count: 6543

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