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Advance Professional Development

Extracts from this document...


Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction to Scenario: 4 Introduction to Task 1: 4 Objectives in Task 1: 4 What is a Plan? 5 Importance of Having a Plan: 5 What is Personal Development Plan? 5 Importance of PDP: 5 Personal Development Plan for Finance 4 U: 6 Keys to Understand the PDP for Finance 4 U: 7 My Personal Development Plan: 7 Introduction to Task 2: 9 Objectives of the Task 2: 9 Report on Personal Development Plan 9 Obstacles to Achieve Objectives 9 Obstacles in Achieving Short term Goals: 9 Obstacles in Achieving Midterm Goals: 10 Obstacles in Achieving Long-term Goals: 10 Steps to Overcome on these Obstacles: 10 Need to Review and Monitor Plan: 10 Importance of Self-Review: 11 Reflective Record of Management Experience in Achieving My Objectives: 11 How it is sometime necessary to gain support from others to achieve goal and objectives: 12 Conclusion 12 Introduction to Task 3 13 Objectives of Task 3 13 What are Personal and Professional Skills 13 Analysis of three organisations 13 Mc Donald's 13 Dell Australia 14 Transport for London (TFL) 15 Report 16 Conclusion 17 Introduction to Task 4 18 Objectives of Task 4 18 What is skills development method 18 Various Skill Development Methods 18 The process of CPD 19 How CPD contributes in Skill Development 20 Conclusion 20 Introduction to Task 4 21 Objectives of Task 4 21 What is skills development method 21 Various Skill Development Methods 21 The process of CPD 22 How CPD contributes in Skill Development 23 Conclusion 23 Introduction to task 5 24 Objectives of Task 5 24 What is Skill Audit? 24 Identification of seven individual 24 Skills Audit Form 25 Skills Audit for all seven individuals 29 References: 32 Executive Summary A finance company Finance 4 U management feels the lack of interest of their in their personal and professional skills development. ...read more.


e) Training & Development To provide the basic skills to its employees initially Dell uses the approach of pre job and on job trainings. While to enhance its employees competencies and skills, Dell have a very good structured development program. They also provide their employees job security, in order that they show their full loyalty to the organisation. f) Leadership Development Program To develop their employees leadership skills that they may work better on their current positions and are ready for future improvements in the management hierarchy of the company. Dell has an agreement with TAFE and Australian Institute of Management, and with collaboration of these two Dell organise leadership development courses for their employees. g) Arranging Social Events To enhance their employees social skills, Dell arrange different social events for its employees where their families are also invited, through this program Dell try to enhance their employees skills through social gatherings and provide them opportunity to attend those events alongside with their families that they may recognise that for their company they value the most. Transport for London (TFL) Transport for London is the official company look after the public transport facilities around the Greater London, from a taxi cab to Buses and Trains to underground tubes, TFL is working hard to provide the best public transport facilities in the most historical city of the world "London". To achieve the goal of providing best public transport facilities TFL has a very comprehensive program for the personal and professional skills development of their employees. a) Training and Development Transport for London provide extensive training both pre job and on job trainings to their employees to make their personal and professional skill improved. TFL have signed ten years training program with London City & Guilds, Barnet College and four counties to help TFL in delivering courses to employee and work on their skill development. b) ...read more.


She possesses a fair knowledge of organizational skills, she makes use of effective planning and preparation in order to anticipate and overcome problems. 5) Rizwana Khan An experience individual in the team, have good of all the organizational activities, good team worker and very excellent communicator, also posses good quality of problem solving, help others in identification of problems and coming up with solution to the situation. Have good presentational skills both verbal and non verbal communication and also fluent in the use of information and communication technologies. Very much focused about her personal and professional skill development and try to learn something new. She has very good problem solving abilities and understand the importance of actively reviewing and maintaining her own development plan in order to set appropriate learning targets and maintain positive attitudes to work and understand when a task has not been completed well and identify changes for the future. 6) Salma Ismail She is the most experience member of the team, very experienced, good educational background, and very much competitive. She understands how to contribute effectively and co-operatively with others even if they do not share the same ideas and ways of working. She has excellent problem solving abilities and use an appropriate approach to questioning in order to gain information from which to draw conclusions. Understand the differences in presenting types of documents, e.g. reports, essays, dissertations, summaries and good knowledge of information and communication technologies to support her work, good individual role player and excellent team leader. 7) Monalisha New member of the team, sound good educational background and understanding of the job related issues. Good understanding of team work and role playing as team member. Recognize and develop skills and competencies required for learning and future employment, understand the importance of actively reviewing and maintaining her own development plan in order to set appropriate learning targets, apply suitable approaches and put in extra effort if required in order to meet tight deadlines, make use of effective planning and preparation in order to anticipate and overcome problems. ...read more.

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