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AVCE Unit-3 Marketing

Extracts from this document...


1. Introduction 2. Primary Research secondary research 3. Questionnaire Questionnaire Analysis 4. What is marketing? 5. The Market Strategy 6. Principles of Marketing 7. External Influences 8. Evaluation of Marketing Strategy 9. Appendix 10. Bibliography Marketing Introduction: I have been asked to do a coursework on Marketing where need to produce a marketing strategy for a new or existing product. I have to work on how the strategy is based on the principles of marketing how I use sources of primary and secondary marketing information how I analyse the marketing context and work on the strategy how I develop the product, which meets the customer's needs. Primary Research: Primary research is the research that is original and is obtained manually involving range of methods, such as questionnaire and surveys. I will be carrying out a questionnaire to discover the opinions of the people and their thoughts about the new product. This questionnaire will help me provide a detail of the pricing of the new product, what people think about the new healthy product and this will also help me create the product using people's thoughts and views. Secondary Product: Secondary research is basically promoting your product technologically using the Internet. The secondary research will also help me extract information about the competitors, marketing skills and strategy using the Internet and their data. I will also be looking at the Cadburys to view its marketing methods in terms of promoting the new product. In this assignment I am launching a new chocolate bar called GEMINI 2 in 1 sugar-free chocolate for the Cadbury's Company. This chocolate is aimed especially at young children and at the diabetic people. The new Cadbury's product will be having low-calories to suit the needs of the young children and diabetic people. Through the help of our questionnaires we will be able to set a reasonable price for this chocolate and choose the right filling. ...read more.


Advertisements are messages sent through the media that are intended to persuade customers. The target audience for my product is aimed at the young children and diabetic people so the advertising will depend and based on their theme. Sales Promotion: This is a form of promotion which encourages customers to buy products by offering incentives, such as buy one get one free offer, buy one and get the second at half price etc. I can use this type of Promotion later on the stage which is a good way to penetrate the market. This way people will buy more of the products and the company would have more sales and profit. Direct Mail: This is a form of advertising in which the published matter is mailed directly to the potential customer. Direct mail is personally addressed advertising sent through the post. The analysis of the questionnaire suggests that most of the people voted for the posters, this could be a good idea to promote the product using posters but in a form of direct mail. Media Strategy: This type of strategy is concerned with how ad messages will be delivered to consumers. It involves and identifies the characteristics of the target audience, who should receive ad messages and defining the characteristics of the media that will be used for the delivery of the ad messages. Media sources normally include newspaper, magazines, radio and TVs. The best way to promote the Cadburys new chocolate through the TV ads and radio, because these are the most common ways of promoting. Push & Pull Strategies: A push strategy is where a manufacturer concentrates some of their marketing effort on promoting their product to retailers to convince them stock the product. This strategy can include many strategies from the promotional mix, these can be identified as Personal Selling and Direct Mail, therefore the product is pushed onto the retailer, which is where the name 'Push Strategy' comes from. A pull strategy is a way to create a demand. ...read more.


Whilst these methods would also provide similar results, they would take longer or cost more, so I have not focused in so much depth on these aspects. This is why instead, I produced a questionnaire. Evaluating the Marketing Model: The marketing model has been described above, where all the company's marketing objectives have been discussed. Then the next aim was to gather data to hypothesis on how these marketing objectives can be achieved. The hypothesis was carried by implementing on different marketing strategies and marketing principles, which gave the Company an overall idea of how to behave with customer and their needs, how to communicate effectively to satisfy its customers expectations. Using the Boston Matrix graph and by collecting intense marketing research through the questionnaire and analysis I can now measure that Cadburys has met its marketing objectives successfully. By the help of the magical 4p's and their marketing strategies the outcome of these features and also the results from the questionnaire tells us that Cadburys was successful launching the new chocolate. They managed to give their customers want they wanted through the use of their successful marketing strategies. Evaluating my External Influences: When evaluating external influences, it is important to be systematic. I need to ask myself whether my chosen company's current strategies make sense, given its SWOT analysis if they do not, what changes need to be made. Looking at my SWOT I have stated all the strengths and weaknesses above all, link any strategic recommendations you may make to the SWOT analysis. State explicitly how the strategies you identify take advantage of the company's strengths to exploit environmental opportunities, how they rectify the company's weaknesses, and how they counter environmental threats. Also, do not forget to outline what needs to be done to implement your recommendations. Appendix: A spell check and a grammar check were done to show that there were no spelling mistakes. It gives a grammar check grade which is 9.7 that means the document is easy to read. ...read more.

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