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British Gas Case Study- workforce planning.

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´╗┐British Gas Case Study David Lee 1. Main purpose of workforce planning at BGS - Workforce planning is the process of anticipating the current and future demand for workers in an organization, which requires business to be prepared for supply changes in the labor market. Workforce planning is aimed at helping companies make sure they have the right people in the right place at the right time and at the right price. Through Workforce Planning, the organizations can clearly know what people the organization will need, and how many will be available to meet those needs. So, by connecting the organization's demand and the available workforce supply, organizations will be able to create and target programs, approaches and develop strategies. According to the case study, the UK energy market is highly dynamic, so, to be able to compete in such market, the company needs to strengthen their workforce with appropriate staff. For British Gas, the main purpose of workforce planning is to help them to employ the right people for the job. In BGS, Workforce requirements are driven by two different demands. First, the contract customers that has service agreements with the company and those customers who call for one-off assistance. In times of increasing demands, the company needs to get ready. Therefore the workforce planning is very important, because it will help the company to estimate workforce demand and employ suitable people which the company will need in future. ...read more.


The recruitment refers to the process of attracting suitable people to apply for the job. Once the applications have been received, the company move on to a selection process, where the people will be tested, monitored and questioned. This process is effective as it takes into account all the aspect of the outlines the qualities required, giving the company the opportunity to attract only suitable people and employs the most prospective ones and finally, it is cost effective and straightforward. Workforce planning in helping British Gas achieving also helps recruiting potential engineers to strengthen the workforce. Getting the right people in the right place is the feature of workforce planning and as for the British Gas company their main tool for success is labor. Because labor forces operate the company, retain customers and gain new ones and achieve profitability level. The engineers act as a middle-man between the company and customers and they will customer loyalty and attract new ones by acting politely and working skillfully. 3. The effectiveness of application, recruitment and selection processes. - In any business, the recruitment and selection of employees is vital process, since the labor is one of the four basic factors of production. Hiring the most appropriate people will help the business can function effectively. Even if the process is time-consuming and expensive, it is necessary because it will obtain the quantity and quality of employees required to fulfill the objectives of the organization. ...read more.


It is essential for British Gas to use effective recruitment practices so as to attract a large numbers of potential people for the vacant post, so that the company is able to choose their suitable people from a large number of applicants. Or else, limited number of applicant from which to choose can have an impact on performance at a later stage of the employment contract. A successful and efficient workforce will results in customer satisfaction which is very critical for the company's progress in this kind of competitive market, UK energy market. Moreover, with customer satisfaction British Gas can gain customer loyalty and attract more customers. Also, this would lead to an increase in revenue, an improve brand name and gain competitive advantage. Moreover, recruitment process helps British Gas to maintain the company's strategy of implementing a diversified workforce. The need to recruit a diverse engineering workforce is seen as critical by the company. It plans recruitment to ensure it has a socially inclusive workforce. It is important as it will enable the British Gas Company to reflect the diversity of its customer base. This is a good step forward as employees from different nationalities and backgrounds can help to establish a good relation between the company and customers who are from different backgrounds, as they will be able to communicate with these customers who do not have English as their first language. Therefore Recruitment process is a part of workforce planning process that is the most important in workforce planning. ...read more.

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