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Business IA proposal

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IA Proposal Research Question: To position Uni Ads as the number one ad agency company in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Theoretical Framework: a) Rationale for study: Uni Ads is an ad agency which has been set up in 1982. Throughout its 27 years of existence in Hyderabad, it has also spread to the rest of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Recently, the company is being challenged by various competitors such as Prakash Arts, Ad Age and iCatch within the city of Hyderabad. I have decided to do my research in this company to explore it's problems and how to improve its overall turnout so that it positions itself as the number one ad agency within the city of Hyderabad. ...read more.


For this business, I would like to implement product innovation. Product innovation refers to new creations or the radical development of existing products. Introduction of new products or increased functionality will improve the overall turnout of the business. Consumers also gain from innovation as they will be able to access new goods and services. Before, Uni Ads was an ad agency which had ads on only high billboards on either rooftops or high up standing on the sides of the road. Recently, they introduced small billboards on the divider of the road. Implementing more innovative products such as electric billboards which have the ability to change their ads from time to time will increase the demand for each ad and gaining popularity towards Uni Ads. ...read more.


IV. Develop a criterion for Uni Ads which is proportional to my research.' V. Write my IA and submit my first draft. Questions to ask Uni Ads authorities: i) Who are your main competitors? ii) How well is Uni Ads placed in Hyderabad so far? iii) What are the various threats you are facing? iv) Is there a scope for more threats to come? v) Is the company in profit? Or is it in loss? vi) What areas in your business are needed the most attention? vii) How are customers satisfied with your Uni Ads? viii) Have you/ are you trying to imply any new innovative ideas to increase the market position of Uni Ads? ix) Do you have any promotional offers that attract more customers? ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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