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Business plan for Laundry Toaster laundry dryer.

Extracts from this document...


________________ ________________ ________________ UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA ________________ ________________ FAKULTI KEJURUTERAAN KIMIA ________________ ________________ TECHNOLOGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP (ENT600) ________________ nAME STUDENT ID AHMAD FIRDAUS BIN MOHD ASHA?ARI 2010629428 AMIERUL HUZZAIRIE BIN OTHMAN 2010649078 BERNADLEE SAN BARAIM 2010897694 MUHAMMAD FIRDAUS BIN MD YAZID 2010280528 nuur aliff aikal bin che hat 2010403024 YUSMAN BIN MOHD YUNUS 2010652842 Checked by: Rechecked by: ------------------------------- ----------------------------------- ( ) ( ) Date: Date: Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION 2.1. Describe in some detail the product or service to be produced/sold. 2.2. Discuss the application of the product or service and describe the primary end use as well any significant secondary applications. 2.3. Emphasise any unique features of the product or service and how these will create or add significant value; also, highlight any differences between what is currently on the market and what you will offer that will account for your market penetration. 2.4. Define the present state of development of the product or service and how much time and money will be required to fully develop, test, and introduce the product or service. Provide a summary of the functional specifications and photographs, if available, of the product. 2.5 Describe any patents or other proprietary features of the product or service. 2.6. Discuss any opportunities for the expansion of the product line or the development of related product or service. TECHNOLOGY DESCRIPTION MARKET ANALYSIS AND STRATEGIES 4.1 Customers 4.2 Market Size and Trends 4.3 Competition and Competitive Edges 4.4 Estimated Market Share and Sales 4.5. Marketing Strategy MANAGEMENT TEAM FINANCIAL ESTIMATES PROJECT MILESTONES CONCLUSIONS APPENDICES ________________ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Laundry Toaster is our company most significance product yet and it is the first cupboard in the world that provide the user easiness to keep and dry their clothes in one place without worried about the weather anymore. The Laundry Toaster has combined the functions of ordinary cupboard which is to store or keep clothes and the sun which is to dry it. ...read more.


Point-of-Purchase (POP) advertising appears in various forms inside our retail store. It is designed to influence the buying behavior of our customers. POP advertising may take many forms in our store, each bearing a sales message. Here are a few examples: 1. Counter cards and displays 2. Window displays 3. Floor stands and cutouts 4. Animated displays run by electricity 5. Pennants, banners, plaques, streamers 4.2 Market Size and Trends 1. Show for three years the size of the current total market and the share you will have, by market segment, and/or region, and/or country for the product or service you will offer, in units, ringgit, and potential profitability. Answer 1. Wardrobe Market Size 2012-2014 ? Current Prices Malaysia Wardrobe market is currently valued at RM10 million in 2014 at manufacturers selling prices, reflecting a market which is now entering a tentative growth phase following difficult trading conditions during the last 2 years. In line with the majority of the domestic wardrobe market sales experienced a relatively lacklustre 2012, followed by healthy growth throughout most of the key product sectors to 2013, with annual rises of between 5% vident. An accelerated pattern of growth is forecast for the industry from mid 2012 onwards, with the market reaching a value of just under RM10 million by 2014, reflecting an anticipated growth rate of around 13% between 2012 and 2014. 1. Describe also the potential annual growth for at least three years of total market for your product or service for each major customer group, region or country, as appropriate. Answer 1. Activity in terms of market and product development over the next 3 years is forecast to generate additional revenue of around RM5 million for the wardrobe furniture industry. More than 5% of the growth anticipated in the market during the next 3 years is likely to be derived from existing products sold to existing target markets, the sector is also likely to benefit from some activity both in terms of new products and new markets. ...read more.


1 years Activities Deadlines Project receives 01/10/2012 Forming group 15/10/2012 Discussion about a new product that can enter the market and the name of the product 22/10/2012 Preparing the draft for the new product 22/10/2012 Draft presentation for the new product 26/10 /2012 Completion of design and development 04/11/2012 Completion of prototypes 12/11/2012 Final presentation for the new product 19/11/2012 Obtaining of sales representatives 26/11/2012 Signing of distributors and dealers 03/12/2012 Ordering of materials in production quantities 10/12/2012 Starting of production or operations 17/12/2012 Receipt of first orders 12/01/2013 Delivery of first sales 14/01/2013 PROJECT MILESTONES ________________ CONCLUSIONS Laundry Toaster is the company most significance product yet and it is the first cupboard in the world that provide the user easiness to keep and dry their clothes in one place without worried about the weather anymore. The Laundry Toaster has combined the functions of ordinary cupboard which is to store or keep clothes and the sun which is to dry it. This way, employed peoples don?t have to worry about drying clothes during rainy season and it also solved problems for peoples who have less time to do laundry because of working. It is also user-friendly because it can be used by all kinds of peoples without any doubt of danger risks because it is installed with safety devices and sensor to stop the electricity consumption when the clothes have been completely dried. We have targeted that this product will be a success to our company and it can enter successfully into the market and become the new symbol of furniture industry. The target market is employed men and women between the ages of 18 and 54 with a household income of RM15,000 or more who lives in the city. The management team is also consists of many professionals in their related fields and have a lot of experiences in the technology and business industries. ________________ APPENDICES ...read more.

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