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Business Plan

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Business Plan - Memoirs.LLC 1. Management Team Plan Director- Jenina Singian Accountant- Rym Kanes Marketing Manager- Somaya Al Kalla Human Resources Manager- Rasha Said Creative Production Manager- Rana Nicola Creative Production Associate- Sara Matic Name Position Traits Skills Jenina Singian Director Leadership Skills Creativity Master's degree in Business Administration Rym Kanes Accountant Aptitude for Math Organized Prior work experience in a medium-sized corporation Somaya Al Kalla Marketing Manager Innovative Positive attitude Graduated with an Associate of Science Degree in Marketing Rasha Said Human Resources Manager Great people skills Friendly Doctor's degree in Psychology Rana Nicola Creative Production Manager Possesses ability to come up with great creative ideas for events. Knows how to handle a budget Graduated with a bachelor's degree in interior design. Sara Matic Creative Production Associate Artistic abilities Good commmunicator Prior work experience at the Parsons School for Design as assistant teacher. 2. Company Description The business concept of 'Memoirs' is to offer an event planning service accessible to the public. The focus of the company is to target the upper and middle class population and offer to create their events for them. Event planning and execution will be performed in the most professional and proficient manner. The goal of the company is to provide all services relating to production; prior and during the event. This includes decorations, entertainment, location, catering and staff. Another goal is to keep the client happy and for them to ask for our services for all future events. The event planning specializes exclusively for events that cater up to a maximum of 750 people. This is the case since the level of quality must still be maintained. The bigger the guest lists the more things to take care of. Having a maximum limit will enable the company to prioritize the most important aspects of event planning. The firm 'Memoirs' was conceptualized due to the lack of event planning services being offered in the country's market. ...read more.


Employee salary is also under the hands of the accountant. In addition, this employee will also be required to complete financial spreadsheets every month that shows where the company is financially and whether growth and expansion is an option. Somaya Al Kalla Marketing Manager The marketing manager will be the person responsible for dealing with all suppliers. This employee has to find a supplier that offers reasonable prices but at the same time quality of products. The marketing manager also has to be motivated to advertise our company through word of mouth and other advertising means, such as flyers and brochures. The marketing manager has to make sure that the way in which the company is being advertised is effective and beneficial. Rasha Said Human Resources Manager Deals with all employees so that they are motivated in their work. This employee also communicates with the clients so that their wants may be seamlessly channeled to other workers within the company that are involved in production. The human resources manager of the company also has to communicate with the director on a monthly basis as to whether there are areas of improvement that needs to be focused on regarding the employees that work with the company and suggestions made by the clients. Rana Nicola Creative Production Manager This employee focuses mainly of executing the event in a proficient and professional manner. The creative production manager must make the event come to life through the wishes of the customer. This job entails the individual to work in an efficient manner, as finishing the task on time is the most important aspect. This employee needs to have clear goals before beginning the task at hand as it is important for them to communicate their ideas to the production staff. Sara Maric Creative Production Associate Works closely with the creative production manager in order to achieve the planned event. ...read more.


9. Executive Summary The business concept of 'Memoirs' is to offer an event planning service accessible to the public. The focus of the company is to target the upper and middle class population and offer to create their events for them. Event planning and execution will be performed in the most professional and proficient manner. The business will be a successful one as the market is not yet saturated and there is only one competitor so far. In addition, there is little chance of the company failing as there has been a trend and rise in events and parties being hosted. In order to accomplish goals that have been set by the company in its mission and vision statement, the company has to closely worked with its clients and also other support staff such as suppliers, caterers and entertainers. Only through this can the company achieve high quality and standards in its service. The financing required for this type of business will probably be about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars as initial set up cost. This will be used to rent an office in a reputable area, pay for utilities, and also services rendered by caterers, entertainers, suppliers and support staff. The start up money will mostly come from those employees working within the company itself. This makes them shareholders. The remaining amount will be loaned from the bank and be financed. The accountant will initially work very closely with this so that the loan can be paid off immediately. The next focus will then be to make profits. Since 'Memoirs is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), the idea is that the owners are financially only responsible for the amount they have invested in the company rather than their personal wealth. Thus, if the firm becomes insolvent, the maximum creditors can receive is the shareholders' initial investment. The importance of limiting the amount of a shareholders' liability is that it encourages all those involved to invest with relatively little risk. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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