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Business report -marketing Smiley toast

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´╗┐SMILEY TOAST: Healthy & tasty! PRODUCT MARKET Past: Bread first came to the attention of man approximately 12,000 years ago, yet it took 11,900 years for the white sliced loaf to arrive in the 1930s. It was then when the craze of white bread begun. Generally, only the regular white bread loaves were sold; brown and whole wheat bread was in minority back then. Also, it didn?t cost too much, so it was easy to buy these for breakfast; there weren?t too many options for breakfast anyway. Present: Innovative types of bread have come up, increasing the variation in the type of bread available for consumers. We still don?t get two pieces of toasted bread ONLY- normally only sold as bread loaves or not toasted. The prices have increased along with inflation and increased costs of production. Also, the demand for bread generally has decreased as there are more options available for breakfast. However, for those who do prefer bread, the options available have increased tremendously. People have become more health conscious so the market share for those supplying healthier bread has increased. Health, as well as convenience has been the main reasons behind an innovation drive by the industry which has led manufacturers to introduce a variety of new bread lines. ...read more.


Low entry barriers in the market cause more competitors in the market to enter High threat of substitutes and new entrants High expectations of customer satisfaction Customers want more product innovation and diversification in each product. E.g- in biscuits, there are various shapes, sizes, flavours, etc. This will increase their costs. Kurekure, Lays, other chips, biscuits and snacks- They all have an added advantage as they are junk foods and children generally love junk food. However, Smiley toast is a healthier option. Children may force their parents to opt for them instead of Smiley toast as they have been in the market for a longer time and children already have tuned to the taste of it. However, parents contrary to that may be very particular with the diet option they want to offer their kids; this will result in parents choosing the healthier option for their children. Also, snacks may be easier to eat and carry around compared to the toast. Road side food- This is the cheaper and lower quality option compared to the smiley toast. It?s an easy excuse for children to hang out with their friends. It?s also a trend in Mumbai to have roadside food/snacks often. This may put the toast at a disadvantage. ...read more.


Instead of buying the normal bread loaf, parents can easily buy the toast for breakfast or snack when hungry. SUCCESS METRICS First year goals Smiley toast will strive to penetrate the market with the various promotional strategies, competitive pricing and excellent quality of products. It will gain its customer base and try to make it loyal by offering attractive offers throughout the year. Sales must increase to various hypermarkets, supermarkets and retail outlets as our main aim is to reach out to our middle/upper middle-class income customers. Additional future goals Open and introduce Smiley Central- our own toast shop where in people can personally come and choose their shapes and flavours. It will be done on the spot-fresh! There will be personalized services catering to kids and parents. Our company can also merge with another company doing similar business for expansion. Requirements of success Well trained labour/workers to ensure perfection and high quality in each product made. Training must also be utilised to increase the efficiency of the products made in order to save costs down the line. Hygiene meters must be checked periodically. Machines must be replaced every year or two to keep up the quality. Purchase of the latest technology when Smiley Central is introduced. We are determined to see Smiley Toast?s growth in the bread market. Smiley Toast will work to see smiles in children across borders, cities and countries! Vaishali Harirajan ...read more.

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