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Business Scholarships

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1. What are your post-secondary education and/or occupational goals? (200 words or less) For post-secondary, I want to attend a school in Canada, majoring either or both in Business Management and Biological Sciences. I have a passion for exploring new frontiers and helping others. This passion will be most suitable for a career in the Sciences or Business as there is constant change and ground-breaking developments in those fields. In Business, I would like to focus in Human Resources or consulting. Through Human Resources, I will be able to develop management skills that I can use to manage and lead a group. Through consulting I will be able to handle business negotiations. I want to start a Non-Profit organization that aims achieve world peace by encouraging verbal compromises as opposed to the violence we see in the Middle East or Africa. Therefore both human resources and consulting will be very useful skills to develop. ...read more.


A good example is President Barack Obama. He may not be the smartest man in USA, but he has a vision. People voted for Obama because they believed in what he believed in. Therefore I believe vision is one of the most important qualities of a leader. 3. What do you feel are the most important leadership skills you have learned or improved from your involvement in a Junior Achievement program? Please explain. Junior Achievement (JA) has been a valuable opportunity for me to develop stronger leadership qualities. Some of the qualities include confidence, competence, cooperation, decision making and organization. I believe these are the most important skills that I have learned because these skills are applicable to my life, not just a career or a program. At the first meeting, I sat in the corner with strangers on both sides as we listened to the Advisors. At the first meeting we introduced each other. ...read more.


This allowed me to develop the ability to cooperate in both small groups which require more discussion and large groups which requires more listening. Again, I was shy at the start of the program and I listened for the most part. But as I was given more opportunities to speak especially in small groups, I took them. Eventually, with more opportunities, I began to develop a habit to participate in discussion both in small and large groups. Community markets and shareholder meetings also require me to cooperate with Customers when they have concerns or shareholders when they have questions. As a Vice President of HR this year, I learned to make some decisions for the company. I didn't have the experience to make good decisions before JA, but I have acquired experience to make better ones. The reason why these skills are valuable is that everything from school to family requires them for success. Cooperation and confidence are always important when dealing with classmates, family members and colleagues. I believe that JA was a very beneficial experience. ...read more.

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