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Canon Competitors

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Part C Key Forces in the competitive environment. Task environment includes four main forces: Suppliers, Distributors, Customers and Competitors. Each of these four forces has an influence on the organization. In this section we will describe Canon suppliers and distributors, define Canon customers and analyze Canon competitors. Suppliers Suppliers are the individuals and companies that provide an organization with the input resources that it needs to produce goods and services (Jones & George, 2008, Contemporary management, pp. 213) Almost all Canon suppliers are Canon owned Subsidiaries and affiliates. For example: Canon Chemicals Inc.- Toner cartridges and advanced functional polymer components Miyazaki Daishin Canon Inc- Digital cameras, electronics packaging Oita Canon Inc.- Digital cameras, digital video camcorders, EF lenses, compact photo printers and others Nagasaki Canon Inc.- Digital Cameras Oita Canon Materials Inc.- Chemical products for copying machines and printers Nagahama Canon Inc.- LBPs, toner cartridges, A-Si drums Ueno Canon Materials Inc.- Chemical products for copying machines and printers Etc (canon.com, corporate info, 18.10.09). ...read more.


(Jones & George, 2008, Contemporary management, pp. 218) Canon main Competitors are Konica Minolta, Xerox and Ricoh Company. These companies are well known in the world, are based in Japan and produce Electrical appliances. Konica Minolta Konica Minolta Holding was created from the merger of Konica and Minolta in October 2003. The company manufactures business and industrial imaging products. Products: * Business Technologies * Color laser printers * Facsimile machines * Full-color copiers * Microfilm systems * Multi-function systems * Plain-paper copiers * Optics * Aspherical plastic lenses * Micro camera units * Optical pickup lens * TAC film for polarizers of LCDs * Zoom lens units * Medical and Graphic Imaging * Contrast media for diagnostic purposes * Digital color proofing systems * X-ray film * X-ray image processing systems * Sensing * 3-D digitizers * Light and heat measuring instruments * Medical measuring instruments * Photometers * Industrial ink jet * Consumables * Ink jet heads * Textile printers (Schein A., Hoovers.com, 17.10.2009) ...read more.


Sales: The main Ricoh market is Japan(45 % of all sales). In Northern and Southern Americas Ricoh is represented by its Ricoh Americas subsidiary. Also the company distributes and services office equipment through its IKON Office Solutions subsidiary. On the graph given above you can see that the main product for Ricoh is Imaging & Solutions 76% of all sales. Xerox Xerox is a global document management company, which manufactures and sells a wide range of colour and black-and-white printers, multifunctional systems etc. Products * Copiers * Displays * Multifunction devices (copy, fax, print, scan) * Printers * Projectors * Scanners * Production (graphics communications industry and large corporations) * Digital presses * High-volume printers * Software * Other * Paper * Services * Wide-format printers Customers: Xerox designs its products for businesses in the financial services, graphic arts, health care, government, and industrial sectors. (Xerox, Annual report, 2008) Xerox customers are big and small corporations, government and education sectors. Sales: Xerox generated more than 70% of its revenues in 2008 from post-sale sources, which include maintenance and document management services, consumable supplies, and financing. (Corporate profile, 17.10.2009, www.hoovers.com) Family Tree Loading... ...read more.

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