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Case Analysis. Since the beginning of Madonnas career she has been thriving to become one of the worlds top entertainers

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´╗┐Madonna Business Case Analysis This particular business case analysis will explore the tactic Madonna?s career took to maintain her place in entertainment industry. Madonna is not only the highest earning female entertainer known worldwide, but she has shown to be a tremendous business woman. The case analysis identifies the impact that strategy can be for businesses of individuals as well as organizations. Madonna?s life shows that strategy does not relate in simply creating a detailed plan, but formulating clear goals, recognizing competitive environment, which is affectively implemented and can be easily adjusted. Synopsis of the Case Since the beginning of Madonna?s career she has been thriving to become one of the world?s top entertainers. Due to her endless motivation and perseverance since 1977, a she has maintained her career to earn exorbitant amount of money to entertain. ...read more.


Although outside of the music industry she has not been successful. Market acceptance is what may threaten the sustainability of her success. It has been difficult to predict where Madonna will move next, but also... Strengths: Innovation,, loyal customers, market share leadership, strong management team, strong brand equity, strong financial position, vision and objective, radicalism, re-invention, diversified and collaborators. Weakness: No talent, age, too many projects Opportunities: Emerging markets and expansion abroad, innovation, collaboration, ahead of trends Threats: Competition, maturing categories, products or service, product substitution This business case analysis explores the theme of strategy by examining the career of Madonna, the world?s highest earning female entertainer, and one of the most business savvy women in the world . ...read more.


Her successes has allowed herself to strategically diversify herself even further allowing her to reach even more people through her film, writing, and other business opportunities, creating enormous value for herself. Her strategy might be more of one that has been made through emergence rather than design, however make no mistake she has positioned herself to succeed and meet her vision. Relevant Factual Information about the Problem or Decision the Organization Faced Madonna is an extremely dedicated and successful business woman. She had the drive and vision on what she wanted to become. Now she needed a strategy to get there. She identified her weaknesses and how to play them down while playing to her... What is strategy What role does strategy play in success What are the critical ingredients of successful strategy ...read more.

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