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Clorox was willing to pay almost $1 billion for Burts Bees because the company sees big opportunities in the market for green products.

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________________ Can Burt?s Bees Turn Clorox Green? ________________ to: John Repogle, CEO of Burt?s BEEs from: Josie Chung, Marketing MAnager of Burt?s BEEs subject: Burt?s Bees cooperation with Clorox Marketing Strategy date: 10/9/2012 ________________ Natural skin care products with artificial bleach products are the concepts of the two extremes, but now Clorox and Burt?s Bee need to survive under one roof. After late 2007, Clorox bought Burt's Bees, one who make the eco-unfriendly bleach, and the other pursuit of full of natural skin care products, they become the same family company, although each retains its brand running. For those who support environmental protection and agree with the idea of Burt's Bees natural products consumers, this is NOT a perfect combination. ...read more.


The company might learn from Burt?s Bees production line, product features and production process of its natural product line. Clorox could start to extend its Green product line and reduce the R&D cost for green products. Clorox could be going green and being socially responsible saves the company?s money and improves their image. A greener corporate image is behavior that environmentalists have been advocating for some time. And the company understand they can make a profit and know consumers will purchase these products even if the products are sometimes more expensive. But also for the drawbacks, Clorox might need to face the consumer complaint from loyal Burt?s Bee users, who might claim that the bleach will add into Burt?s Bees products and made it unreliable. ...read more.


But the pairing of a natural-products brand with a consumer base won largely through environmentally focused retailers as Whole Foods could be a tough branding fit with a company known best for making chlorine bleach Burt?s Bee should not mix up with Clorox product/brand, the brand should continue to run the business with the same team and principles with the same integrity of the natural products and sustainability that Burt?s Bee always have. For price, people are willing to purchase these products even if the green products are sometimes more expensive, so the street price should remain the same and keep the market segment the same. For promotion wise, Burt?s Bees should actively participate in promoting the development of natural product ingredients, and launch more 100% natural product, focus more on product R & D and innovation, then re-establish a market order and brand prestige. ________________ ...read more.

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