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Customer Service

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Gerard Ryan Customer Services Assignment ________________ Table of Content Introduction Define and explain Customer Services and its significance to modern organisations Describe your chosen organisation. Comprehensively discuss the different types of customer in your organisation. (Internal, External, Corporate) Discuss the principles of a customer orientated organisation. Provide a comprehensive summary of customer service responsibilities based on your chart. Evaluate Customer Service Policy Bibliography ________________ Introduction The company that I have decided to complete this assignment on are an insurance company called Friends First they operate manly in Dublin put they also have offices in Cork and Galway. The main focus of this assignment is on their customer service. This assignment will explore the background of the company, what it does and where the importance of good customer service comes in to the companies structure. I will also include an organisational chart which will out - line the chain of command within the company. I will discuss the different organisations within the company and where the external customer is placed in relation to the company policy of customer services. I will go through the rolls of each department and each member of staff and explain their rolls in the company. I will evaluate the Mission Statement, Customer Charter and make suggestions that would improve on aspect of the company. I will also look at how the company are currently dealing with their customers, complaints, queries. ________________ Define and explain Customer Services and its significance to modern organisations According to Turban et al. ...read more.


2.Internal Customer The internal customer is an employee within the chain of service in a company who will have to be satisfied with the product or service offered before it reaches the external customer. 3.Corporate Customer These are customers that represent a large business or organisation. They are buying goods or using services on behalf of the corporation that they work for. 4.Non-paying External Customer This is someone who comes off the street to avail of a service without paying. Some examples would be a primary school student, a tourist in a tourist information centre, can you think of more examples? These customers are crucial to the organisation e.g. if you have no students then you have no school. All societies are influenced by managers and their organisations. Managers need to have a clear understanding of the environment in which their organisations function. Organisations include: Hospitals Schools Government agencies Businesses Voluntary groups Religious groups (Linehan, M. (2011) page 25) Discuss the principles of a customer orientated organisation. According to Twomey (2012) A customer orientated organisation will have the customers at the centre of their company.The company will listen to its customers and provide the services that best suite them. Companies with customer orientated organisations will have customer orientated policies such as mission statements and Customer Charters. A customer-oriented organisation is committed to providing the best possible service for its customers. It does this by: listening to customersand find the customer want and needs Excellent communication skills between staff and management. Constantly keeping up to date with how the customer and staff relationship is progressing. ...read more.


It is then the job of the front line staff in the sales department to provide the information to the client which will either make the situation better or sometimes worse, and the training that they are provided with from the company is used to help them deal with the situation in a professional manner. ________________ Evaluate Customer Service Policy A customer oriented organisation is committed to providing the best possible service for its customers. It does this by listening to customers and assessing their needs and wants and then meeting those needs and wants. The company Friends First had a good customer charter and a mission statement that laid out their commitments to their clients in a way that was strait forward and to the point. Even thought they were not clearly described as a customer charter or a mission statement the wording in the documents would suggest that they could be taken up as either or. In the page titled About us they say that at Friends First they are always seeking new and better ways to fulfil the diverse financial aspirations of all their clients. And as a leading expert in the market, they consistently meet the individual requirements of their customers with innovative financial solutions. On another menu that was called Customer Service they state that they are committed to ensuring that their customers, brokers and policyholders have easy access to information about their products and services and to the details of policies and products they hold. They also offer the highest level of customer service. The suggestion that I would make is to combine text from both statements and create a mission statement and a customer charter. ...read more.

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