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Elmia Swedish Based Company. Elmia is the third largest trade fair center in Sweden (Elmia, 2011). The company is guiding the exhibition in Stockholm, with millions of profits in 2009

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_contents: I _ company II _ presentation III _ budget IV _ expo V _ costings VI _ report ? _I Elmia was founded in 1961, starting a trade show for agriculture and forestry (Elmia homepage, 2011). The company was established in Jonkoping, Sweden and was dealing with exhibitions, thematic exhibitions, conferences and agreements as well as renting or leasing space. Elmia is the third largest trade fair center in Sweden (Elmia, 2011). The company is guiding the exhibition in Stockholm, with millions of profits in 2009, followed by Sweden 647 Revenue Report. The company organizes around 15 trade expos every year. Some of the largest exhibitions are Elmia Wood, Elmia Subcontractor, the Cargo Report and the Scandinavian Report.The fairs usually attract 350,000 visitors annually (Elmia, 2011). The companies are often controlled, not for economic purposes but to know the number of visitors and other similar statistics. The largest shareholders of the company are the city hall of Jonkoping, which owns 82% of the company. Other shareholders are among the many Commerce Chamber Players and the Association of Smaland. The objective of Elmia is a company in the Expo future in the field of entrepreneurship, creating added value for customers. ...read more.


Most of the costs at the above table, are direct and pre-determined. This occurs due to the large number of staff and personnel. Fixed costs are usually separated from other costs. These include rent and electricity. The electricity for each stand is a separate charge. The staff is divided as to given duties, thus no problems of collective costs occur. Internal transaction costs are not being taken into consideration. Elmia does not assess secondary costs into total costs. ? _IV At Elmia Exhibitor Service they take care of designing, lighting and creating the right flows at the expo stand. They also offer design stands as well as customized standard solutions. Elmia Exhibitor Service can help exhibitors who already have a stand solution, but with additional requirements such as furniture, power connections, wire suspensions, signs, hangings, coffee machines and Internet connections, as well. Many different aspects need to fall into place when designing a stand, from following a specific company profile, to lighting and creating the right customer flow in the stand. Elmia's experience of stand design helps in creating the right conditions for a successful fair. ...read more.


then the cost price is: 8000 / (25 * 5) 6,4 SEK/minute After a 5 minute set up, the cost for each wall is 32 SEK. However, after cost has been increased, then this wall is priced at 250 SEK. _V For every square meter not sold to the exhibitor, Elmia has a loss. Due to that uncertainty, the costs for an exhibition cannot be calculated accurately. Furthermore, every stand must be built due to what the costumers want and it is difficult to calculate costs from owned products. That is the reason that Elmia does not use the ABC system (costing model that identifies activities in an organization and assigns the cost of each activity with resources to all products and services according to the actual consumption by each). A company of self renting products puts many sources into a presentation, without really knowing the ending of it. There are really well made stands (that is where the money is!) but is difficult to make accurate calculations on those. On the other hand there are more plain stands that are about 80% of stands sold. Internet profits on stands are about 5% of total. One issue is that calculations have to be made throughout the whole duration of the exhibition. ...read more.

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