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Explain the behavior and cognitive approaches to learning. Which is most relevant to training?

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Explain the behavior and cognitive approaches to learning. Which is most relevant to training? Explain Explicar el comportamiento y los enfoques cognitivos para el aprendizaje. ¿Cuál es más relevante para el training? Explique Whereas both cognitivism and behaviorism are both viable learning theories, cognitivism has overshadowed behaviorism as the dominant perspective. For the last two decades and more stringently at the turn of the century, behaviorism no longer holds the dominance it once held as a learning theory. Discontent with behaviorism’s “thoughtless” approach to learning, cognitivism and its subcategories of multiple intelligence, brain-based learning and learner-style learning have usurped behaviorism as the most widely acceptable and utilized theories today. ...read more.


Both believe learning theories should be objective and based upon the results of empirical research. Both observe the responses individuals make to different stimulus conditions. Both theories believe in feedback. Both discuss the impact environment has upon the learner. Finally, both believe experience impacts learning. There are, of course differences within the specifics of each theory. As do modern day cognitivists, behaviorists held the belief that learning theory should be objectively based upon the results of empirical evidence. However, behaviorists could not study the internal cognitive processes that produce the responses they recorded because the technology was non-existent. ?Behaviorists chose not to incorporate mental events into their learning theories, arguing that such events were impossible to observe and measure and so could not be studied objectively?. ...read more.


Skinner held that ?each step in the learning process should be short and should arise from previously learned behavior? (as cited by Semple, 2000, para.10). Constructivist theory is founded on the premise that, by reflecting on our experiences, we construct our own understanding of the world. However, unlike behaviorism, constructivists believe learning is not the result of external stimulus response, but rather the process of adjusting our internal mental models to accommodate new experiences. In short, behaviorism and cognitivism are not such vastly different theories as one might first believe. There is room for application of many theories in the classroom if implemented by a competent, highly trained educator familiar with both the fitness of various techniques for individual students and the application of educational research. ...read more.

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