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Exploring team developmentp4

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Introduction In this part of the coursework I am going to be outlining hey features of legislation and regulations on health and safety as applied to working conditions in a selected manufacturing organisation and a service provider. The organisation I am going to be choosing to do this part of the coursework is Jaguar and also Bournville College. Health and safety is of the most important aspects in a business. A business can not open unless they have health and safety procedures in place. Jaguar has many different health and safety regulations in place they have to make sure they update it on a regular basis. This is because they have many staff working in their showrooms and factories around the U.K and around the world. The different health and safety schemes Jaguar will have and how they will put it in place are: Fire precautions act 9171: In the act it states the employers like Jaguar have to make sure they make plans for the safety of their employees and the employees have to cooperate with those plans. They have to make sure after they are inspected by the fire brigade they do the things the fire brigade tell them to do. ...read more.


This is because if the fire exit's are blocked and there is a fire it could cause a lot of problems for people when they are leaving the building and when there is a fire people usually panic so if the fire exit is blocked people will just push other people might cause them to fall and cause serious injury to them. The above sign is for fire doors to be kept closed. This is because most fire exit doors have alarms on them which set of the fire alarm. This is another way to alert other people in the building that there is a fire if they can not find a fire alarm. The above signs are for fire alarm points it gives out clear instructions on how to activate the fire alarm. Also some fire alarms have glass protection over it and this instruction is also given what to use to break the glass. Health and safety at work 1974: The health and safety act states that employer like Jaguar has to make sure they take care of the health, safety and welfare of their employees. ...read more.


The second act I am going to be talking about is health and safety act 1974. Health and safety in Bournville college this is because there are many students all in one building although it is a big building. Also because there are many different types of courses done at Bournville college for example: science which could include dangerous experiments with flammable acids, food courses where students learn how to cook and then students sell that food is made and many other courses. I have named two courses which will need a lot of attention on because there are many health and safety issues involved in them. Not only the courses the principal has to make sure the college is cleaned on a regular basis this is because if it is not cleaned it could attract pests, also they have to make sure they have people to clean any spillages during the day as this could be a hazard. Bournville college has to make sure their health and safety plans are up to high standards as it might be visited by health and safety people on a regular basis because there are many students studying in the college. ?? ?? ?? ?? Khuram Shehzad Unit 36: Health and safety P1 1 ...read more.

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