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Financial Controller - Business Partner or Not? This is an investigation of the claim by Graham et al. (2012:1) that there has been a change in the role of the Financial Controller. A diachronic analysis of job adverts will attempt to determine the resear

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Business Controller and its constructional change INTRODUCTION This is an investigation of the claim by Graham et al. (2012:1) that there has been a change in the role of the Financial Controller. A diachronic analysis of job adverts will attempt to determine the research questions: (1) Has the construction of the working title Financial Controller changed over time, from 1960 to 2012? (2) If there has been any change, how has the meaning changed? TOPIC, THEORY AND METHOD FINANCIAL CONTROLLER AND CHANGE OF MEANING Verstegen et al., (2007, quoted in Graham et al. 2012:1) claim that: The Financial Controller has been described as the person who supports and advises management of an organisation in realising its economic, public and/or financial goals by means of the design and maintenance of management control and accounting information systems, and the procurement and distribution of information. However Financial Controllers have likewise been described as "bean-counters" and "number crunchers" and as a "scorekeeper" (Burns & Baldvinsdottir, 2007:117-118). The Financial Controller has moreover been described as an internal police who control everything around a company's economy (Burns & Baldvinsdottir 2005:726). Nevertheless, both Burns and Baldvinsdottir (2007:117-118) and Graham et al. (2012:2) argue that the role of Financial Controllers has changed over time. The "new type" of Financial Controller is usually referred to as a "business partner" and as a part of the management team that outlines new strategies for a business (Burns & Baldvinsdottir,2007:117-118). Friedman and Lyne (1997:20) define a bean-counter as 'an accountant who produces financial information which is regarded as of little use in efficiently running the business and, as a result, its production has become an end in itself.' LANGUAGE CHANGE Words can either widen or narrow their meaning (Baugh & Cable, 2002:308). One argument for the change in the role of Financial Controllers is improved business systems which are now available. This new technology provides companies with most of the data which Controllers used to produced. ...read more.


The Times, Friday, Mar 11, 1966; pg. 2; Issue 56577; col A 8 - He will be completely familiar with the whole range of budgeting and forecasting techniques and capable of introducing and applying modern accounting disciplines. He must also have had experience, including control and development of mechanised systems. - He will be a member of the top management team. The Times, Tuesday, Nov 14, 1967; pg. 20; Issue 57098; col A 9 - This appointment entails responsibility under the Managing Director for financial planning and advice, and for the further development and co-operation of the group's accounting system. The Times, Tuesday, Apr 23, 1968; pg. 23; Issue 57233; col B 10 - The man appointed will be required to manage the accounts department produce regular management information to supervise and review financial controls, procedures and systems. Previous experience in management accounting, budgets, cash forecasting and EPD is essential. The Times, Monday, Apr 28, 1969; pg. 18; Issue 57546; col A 1970 1 - You will assume responsibility for the entire accounting, budgeting and secretarial functions and you will be required to give particular emphasis to the capital structure and financing policy of the Company. The Times, Wednesday, May 06, 1970; pg. 30; Issue 57862; col A 2 - The group's plans for further expansion requires the development of modern techniques in business planning and forecasting management controls etc., and this will be the Financial Controller's prime responsibilities. The Times, Wednesday, Jul 15, 1970; pg. 26; Issue 57918; col A 3 - The Financial Controller will be responsible to the Group Chairman for all financial and accounting matters. He will introduce and operate management controls and accounting and costing systems. The Times, Friday, Apr 16, 1971; pg. 15; Issue 58148; col A 4 - The successful applicant will currently be earning at least �6.00 p.a. and will become a senior member of the management team, reporting to the Chief Executive, with full responsibility for all aspects of financial control. ...read more.


according to timetable, changing processes and procedures as necessary to ensure that the system and management information flows operate as planned Mostly a bean counter but could also be seen as a business partner. As a member of the Senior Management team play a full part in the management of the business, above and beyond the responsibilities of the role. Formal http://www.exec-appointments.com/Jobs/Ad.aspx?adID=212352 8. In this key leadership role, you will join a team of top professionals; and will ultimately be responsible for the management and financial accounting, financial budgeting and treasury management for the firm and associated investment funds. You will also be involved in compliance, fund and legal matters; and will have a high degree of both internal and external exposure within a challenging and rewarding environment. Mostly bean counter Informal http://www.exec-appointments.com/Jobs/Ad.aspx?adID=213884 9. Financial Controller / Finance Director (Fashion Manufacturing) Please only apply if you have strong recent experience as a Financial Controller / Finance Director in Fashion/Garment Manufacturing/Wholesale. The Financial Controller / Finance Director role will oversee a small team in accounts and will provide the Board with quality management information, budgets, forecasts, working capital management, stock issues and all round financial control. The new Financial Controller / Finance Director will work closely with advisors, banks and factories in the Far East and support the Board with strategic decision making. Business partner. Board with strategic decision making. Formal http://www.exec-appointments.com/Jobs/Ad.aspx?adID=213935 10. Key responsibilities * Overall responsibility for financial control across the Group, to include assurance over the completion of balance sheet reconciliations and all other control processes. * Overall responsibility for the financial integrity of all operational processes across the Group. * Oversee the Group internal audit function to ensure appropriate control is in evidence. * Overall responsibility for driving the Finance Change programme . * Lead, develop and motivate a small finance team. * Significant amount of ad hoc finance and project work. Business partner, responsible for so much more than just making all the reports on his or her own. Formal http://www.exec-appointments.com/Jobs/Ad.aspx?adID=207561 ?? ?? ?? ?? Robin Eriksson Linguistic Survey Course B Tutor: Maggie Kerridge 1 ...read more.

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