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Management Process

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Question 1:- The volumes to and from in the old layout are as follows: A B C D E F G H Total Volume To A 5 10 6 1 15 33 5 75 B 6 21 24 63 10 8 9 141 C 12 17 15 7 4 9 16 80 D 6 1 13 54 16 18 22 130 E 26 18 9 27 15 25 3 123 F 24 7 10 3 2 11 4 61 G 0 2 35 28 1 14 2 82 H 0 37 10 12 29 0 3 91 Total Volume From 74 87 108 115 157 74 107 61 Total Volume To and From 149 228 188 245 280 135 189 152 The old layout is as follows: A B C D E F G H Planning is very important in the offices, to work effectively and in under less cost and time, one can get over this by CVD (Cost-Volume-Distance) it is approach in order to find out the total cost of moving the information from one desk to another. Cost of movement from B,E and F was twice the cost of other movements so it was assigned a value of 2 and the other cost of movements was assigned a value of 1 . The volumes and the distances were given, so the CVD was calculated by multiplying the number of movements between two desks by their cost and distance. The total CVD came out to be 20740. The result as follows CVD 1930 5100 1280 2530 4160 2180 1480 2080 20740 Now the task is to recommend an alternative L-shaped layout for the accounts division of Christopher Chaplin, basically to find a new arrangement in which the CVD is the lowest. In order to find out the new arrangement, I went by more than 55 methods, and got one which I found efficient. ...read more.


It is to say that the service levels and the quality of the food and other servings should be consistent. Delivery flexibility would mean that if there is any rush orders or special orders they can be processed along with the regular customers orders in the restaurant. The manufacturing flexibility would be to adjust the capacity for making and serving food according to the demand from customers. The mix flexibility would be that such a variety of dishes should be available that satisfy the broad range of customers. All this should be achieved keeping in mind the consistency of quality and speed of service. This can be achieved in the context of a restaurant by having multi-skilled staff. The staff should be able to work in the kitchen as well as in the hall. When services need to be provided with reference to the serving needs of the customers the staff kitchen should be able to extend a lending hand to the waiter and when the order is big and needs to be prepared for the party later in the evening, the waiter should be trained to help cooks in the kitchen. In this way the restaurant will work good and perform well in eyes of the customer. A restaurant can be a perfect example for the FMS process. Question 4:- This brief report responds to WSS consideration of the ISO 9000 certification. Peter Morris and Navjot Shah have taken into account if they were to pursue with this accreditation it would allow their company to expand and compete within the global market place and encourage higher value of work. Nevertheless, this ISO 9000 certification has its advantages and disadvantages which need to be measured. Firstly it is important to outline why the ISO 9000 is an advantage to WSS. As WSS is a service based company specializing in the measurement and improvement of productivity in a work place the ISO standards would increase customer and supplier confidence by assuring the excellence of the certified company's quality system. ...read more.


the city so that staff can travel easily to locations can effectively identify the problems of the city .So that plans can be made and implemented effectively .The location in the city centre is likely to minimise the waste to time since the staff will be closer to other information systems availed from the government .As well as a larger population will be able to easily access the department and their grievances can be addresses in a short span of time .Also minimising the waste of resource spent to collect civic data on the needs and requirements of the city or area in particular. Location in some case may not be a contributing factor to the efficiency of the staff working in the organization .As in this case the Passport department this is because the passport department is largely dependant on information systems, automation facilities. Thus it is not the location but rather the operation system in the department which is likely to generate the efficiency in operation of the department .In the case of the Passport the operations likely to generate the efficiency are reduction in the delivery time of passport, efficiency in verification of applications and the degree to automation in the department so that information is easily available. Location considerations for the future particularly for Local government housing planning .Since the location of the office close by to site of construction can generate efficiency .As it enable staff to easily access the location and monitor the day to day operations on the construction sight .Location gives rise to the competitive advantage for an organization particularly if requires to target a particular group of consumers or require information of a certain area or locality moreover effectively minimise the delivery time i.e. The reduction in the time lag between production and delivery .These may also include minimization of intermediaries in operations as in the Local housing Planning as the department would not require to higher expatriate staff to monitor construction operations . http://erc.msh.org/quality/map.cfm ...read more.

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