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Marketing. In my project, I am going to be looking at how Nestls Smarties are marketed. I will include my own research about the product marketing to get a good idea of how they market their product now.

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Business Studies Marketing Jamal Senouci 11N Contents Aim --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 3-4 General marketing terms ----------------------------------------------------------pages 5-6 Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 7 Price Survey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 8 Letter to company ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Package from Nestle----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Package from Cadburys------------------------------------------------------------------------ Taste test------------------------------------------------------------------------------pages 9-10 Trial Questionnaire---------------------------------------------------------------pages 10-11 Questionnaire----------------------------------------------------------------------pages 12-13 Explanation of questionnaire--------------------------------------------------------page 14 Results of questionnaire-----------------------------------------------------------page 15-19 Target Market ---------------------------------------------------------------------------page20 Product------------------------------------------------------------------------------pages 21-22 Promotion--------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 23 Price---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 24 Place---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 25 Packaging--------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 26 Swot analysis----------------------------------------------------------------------------page 27 Conclusion-------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 28 Recommendations----------------------------------------------------------------------page 29 Evaluation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------page 30 Aim In my project, I am going to be looking at how Nestl´┐Ż's Smarties are marketed. I will include my own research about the product marketing to get a good idea of how they market their product now. My research will include: * Identifying the target market * Sending a letter to Nestle asking for information * Conducting a price survey * Doing a questionnaire * Internet research * Collecting adverts * Finding out about relevant promotions * Look at the marketing of the main competitors At the end, I will analyse the research to see if their marketing is correct and how well their marketing is reaching their target market. To do this I will put the results into charts and explain what it all means using percentages and fractions. After analysing I will write up a conclusion saying what I have found out and if it was successful. Finally, I hope to have a good understanding by the end and be able to recommend some improvements in their marketing. This assignment should cover what I've learnt about pricing strategies, the marketing mix, target markets, advertising, product life cycles, market segments and market research. General Marketing Terms Advertising - it is a way of persuading the consumers to buy the product or to inform them about it through the media. Branding - building up an easily recognised name, logo, style or anything else that people would recognise to belong to the business. ...read more.


Even though it is just a children's product it is one of the main confectionary brands and has a very strong brand. Most Smarties are eaten by children, so Nestle believes a large amount of the buying is done by parents and grandparents who see Smarties as attractive, well-packaged sweets and remember them from when they were children. The amount of Smarties sell suggests that they aren't just bought for children. Market Research Research has been used in the past to improve the product. The blue Smarties were introduced as a trial and were successful now they are included in all packs. There was also research into the brown Smarties which used to be coffee flavoured but market research found out that the target market would prefer no flavouring to the coffee one. Brand extension Brand extension is using a brand name to launch a new or similar product. Smarties have been in the maturity stage of its' product life cycle for a very long time so it has produced a number of brand extensions. In addition to the original Smarties, they now have Mini Smarties, Smarties cookies, Smarties mini cakes and Smarties pop up ice creams. They have also launched Smarties Chocolate bars and Fruity Smarties, which were made using tie-ups with Ritter Sport and Haribo. USP Smarties is a unique product, no other product is similar to it so the product itself is a USP. Other USPs are the lids which have letters on this allows the children to collect the letters and spell out their name or other words. Some letters are deliberately made in smaller quantities to increase purchase Promotion Promoting the product influences people to buy. Promoting a product includes doing things like advertising, sales promotions and seasonal promotions. It is useful to maintain or increase sales. Before starting any promotion the organisation should plot a break-even graph should be made and then they should find out the value of the customer to see if they are worth gaining. ...read more.


7 Information is presented well but in some ways it lacks accuracy, logic, effectiveness or relevance to the investigation. 5-6 The information presented shows weaknesses in accuracy and effectiveness. 3-4 The presentation is at times inappropriate but there is evidence of attempts to present the data. 1-2 Criterion 4 Use of business language, techniques and concepts Max 11 Clear use and application of language, techniques and concepts appropriate to the investigation. 9-11 Some gaps in use and application of language, techniques or concepts or limited understanding in some cases within an otherwise good approach. 6-8 Language, techniques and concepts are not always understood or applied to the investigation. 3-5 Use and application of business language is inappropriate and/or absent. 1-2 Criterion 5 Analysis and interpretation of information Max 12 Good organisation, interpretation and analysis of the information in the light of the investigation, the information collected and subject content. 10-12 The analysis or interpretation is good but incomplete in the light of the investigation, information collected and subject content. 7-9 There are significant weaknesses in the analysis and interpretation but there is evidence of understanding. 4-6 There is an attempt to organise and analyse the data. 1-3 Criterion 6 Evaluation and recommendations Max 11 The work consistently shows evidence of effective evaluation and reasoning in line with the investigation. 9-11 Evaluation is good but incomplete or not in line with the aims of the investigation. 6-8 The evaluation or reasoning is sufficient in some respects but incomplete or inaccurate in others. 3-5 There is some evidence of evaluation or reasoning in the work. 1-2 Quality of Written Communication Max 4 Ideas are expressed clearly, fluently, legibly and in an appropriate way. There are few errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. 3-4 Straightforward ideas are expressed relatively clearly, legibly and appropriately. There may be some errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar, but these do not obscure the meaning of the answer. 1-2 Candidate fails to reach the threshold standard in all respects. 0 TOTAL 60 1 Jamal Senouci 11N ...read more.

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