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Marketing Mix For Apple

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Marketing Mix for Apple Marketing Aspect Apple Inc. Basic Customer Need A mobile telephone with built in camera; able to store music, pictures and videos; can download applications and use the internet. A music storage device which can be used on the move. Some models able to hold pictures and videos; some models able to browse the internet and play games. Apple TV is a device allowing the user to play high definition videos from iTunes/youtube/their computer/etc on their television, in widescreen. ...read more.


Music fans. Professionals who need to be able to connect to the internet any time anywhere. Products A convergence of technologies e.g. An iPhone has a mobile phone, an mp3 player and internet surfing capabilities. - iPhone3G/iPhone 3GS - iPod shuffle (available in a range of colours) - iPod nano (available in a range of colours) - iPod classic - iPod touch - Apple TV - MacBook Pro/Air/mini - iMac - Mac Pro Products have different flavours in respect to colour and hardware specification. ...read more.


Through Apple shops, supermarkets, and electronics shops. 2. Internet sales 3. TV adverts 4. Billboard advertising 5. Internet adverts 6. Print adverts in magazines Always a distinct and consistent style. Well known logo. Celebrities have in some of the advertising. Place (Distribution) Products are available from various souces through the channel there are various distributors, and many retailers and e-tailers. Alternatively the products can be purchased from apple directly. *prices from Apple Online Store, http://store.apple.com/uk ...read more.

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