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Marketing plan

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2010 MARKETING PLAN ONLINE RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGES BARCLAYS PLC LONDON UNITED KINGDOM CONFIDENTIAL TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Executive Summary II. Situation Analysis Product & Service Analysis Market Analysis III. Threats and Opportunities (SWOT) Analysis Internal Strengths and Weaknesses Outside Opportunities and Threats IV. Marketing Research Financial Objectives Marketing Objectives Critical Issues V. Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategies & Tactics Measurement of Strategies VI. Implementation Realistic Implementation Schedule Approximate Human Resources Critical Paths What If's Scenario VII. Financials, Budgets, and Forecasts Breakdown of Marketing Cost (Excluding Software) No. of Clients Approx. Revenue in Three Years VIII. Controls & Measurements Product Launch & Performance Monitoring Contingency Planning 1. Executive Summary: The Business Plan I have presenting is about Online Residential Mortgages. This is one of the unique business plans ever developed and if approved, Barclays will be the first one to head start this business plan. With the launch of this product, the company will be able to save a lot of money unnecessary wasted i.e. The paper format charges, printing charges, filing and record keeping costs, storage and other relevant costs. The project will require an estimated investment of �10.0bn and the expected profits after tax to be �467m. Within 3 years of launch the expected customer quantity is 600,000 and expected profits to rise to �531m 2. Situation Analysis: 2.1 Product / Service Analysis: Mortgage: the transfer of an interest in property to a lender as a security for a debt (usually a loan). Usually in Mortgage we charge interest (above original price) on the land or property, to the borrower with certain terms and conditions and within certain time limits. ...read more.


4.3 Critical Issues: Besides Strategic Plan, the Bank will perform a research study in analyzing the shock of the fore-closure and sub-prime lending catastrophe within bank. Current market data will be provided to the bank through such research. There search will be derived from a variety of reliable governmental and non-governmental sources. 5. Marketing Strategy: 5.1 Marketing Strategies & Tactics & (5.2) Measurement of Strategies: The Marketing strategy will be through various channels. Advertising can catch attention if customers are to be attracted by using sources like television, websites, greeting cards, letters, radio, print & online publications.etc. * By creating listings in Business & Telephone directories as well as Online & Association listings will gather public attention. Sponsoring the research, community events, local charities, sports etc is Barclays' traditional way of gaining attention. * A Network can be created by getting response from current and future clients as well as other referees. There will be adverts to reach people via online social networking sites i.e. facebook etc; as well as provide guidance on blogs and through community events etc. * Promotions such as mail outs, freebies and discount coupons can be mailed out to attract residential customers. * Internal marketing can be applied using employee relations or referral incentives to promote the product. 6. Implementation: 6.1 Realistic Implementation Schedule The above mentioned project can be implemented and fully working in as little as 8-12 Months. 6.2 Approximate Human Resources This program will create various opportunities i.e. * Chief Marketing Officer: CMO will include Brand & Advertising, Payment Innovations, Internet Channel Services, Strategy & Business Development, Corporate Affairs and Loyalty Marketing. ...read more.


Performance enhancement will be achieved by proper information to the upper management about current performance. Progress will be monitored by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which will be identified to enable such progression. Three areas of activity that are important for success will need to be looked outn: * assessments regarding financial performance as well as development of business, * Views of all the clients about professional service provided by the company, * Data from personnel regarding their attitude towards the service company. 8.2 Contingency Planning: The Contingency planning process will have three phases. 8.2.1 Pre-Planning Phase this area is where objectives will be distinct, alerted planed guesses will be made, duties will be clear and project management team will be incorporated etc 8.2.2 Planning Phase it will be a seven step contingency process. The process will be: * Gain loyalty from executives, CEO and higher-ranking management * launch a contingency development cluster * perform a contingency plan capacity assessment * execute the assessing of risk * institute organization precedence * View and classify needs for revival * Come up with a concluding plan for contingency ops. 8.2.3 Post-Planning Phase: This is the phase where all the performance will be checked and recorded and used for training and development purpose. 8.2.4 Address all business-critical operations: An excellent plan will identify critical business functions, and outline a way to lessen losses. 8.2.5 Identify risks a range of risks will be identified that business might face and their potential to radically disrupt or damage our continuous business operations. 8.2.6 Prioritizing risks A careful equilibrium among over-preparation for unexpected that may never happen, and satisfactory preparation so that we can respond rapidly and effectively to a catastrophe situation, when needed. ...read more.

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