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MG 309 Strategic Management

Extracts from this document...


MG 309: Strategic Management Project Effects of Business Level Strategies On Customer Satisfaction In Connect Fiji Ltd. Lecturer: Dr. Ram Reddy Reguri Tutor: Ms. Noalah Pitia Tutorial Time: Monday 10-11am Team Members I.D.: No.# Name S11048077 Shayal Kumar S11023316 Keith Lawrence Dass S11049134 Farisha Ali S02001433 Bhavik Declaration We Keith, Shayal, Bhavik and Farisha hereby declare that this research project is our piece of work and has not been copied. We have made reference from the text books and gathered information by the distributed questionnaires and observation that is been mentioned in this assignment. Keith Lawrence Dass S11023316 ________________ Bhavik S02001433 ________________ Shayal Kumar S11048077 ________________ Farisha Ali S11049134 ________________ Acknowledgement I would like to thank this opportunity to thank the following people who have helped us in doing this project. Without their valuable help this project would not have been successfully completed. > Mr. Ram Reddy Reguri > Mrs. Noalah Pitia > Management, Staffs and the Customers of Connect Fiji. > Mr Jignesh Chauhan, Manager of Unwired Fiji Ltd. Their valuable and contribution are highly appreciated. Table of Contents 1.0 Introduction 5 2.0 Objective 6 3.0 Scope 7 4.0 Methodology 8 5.0 Literature Review: 10 5.0.1 Business level Strategy Practiced in the Organization 11 5.0.2 Advantages of the Strategies 13 5.0.3 Value Creation 14 5.0.4 How Do You Create Value to Customers 15 5.0.5 Outcome of Customer Satisfaction 16 5.0.6 Background and Information about the Company 17 6.0 Data Analysis 19 6.1 Managements Perspective 19 6.2 Staffs Perspective 21 6.3 Customers Perspective 21 7.0 Findings: Business Level Strategies 22 7.0.1 Cost Leadership 23 7.0.2 Differentiation 24 7.1 Customer Value 26 7.1.1 Methods of Creating Value to Customers 27 7.1.2 Outcomes of Providing Customer Satisfaction 27 7.2 Effects of the Strategies on the Customers 29 5.0 Recommendation 30 6.0 Conclusion 31 7.0 Bibliography 32 8.0 Appendix: A Interview Questions to the Manager 33 8.1 B Staff Questionnaire 35 8.2 C Customer Questionnaire 36 1.0 Introduction Good customers are hard to keep, and even harder to replace. ...read more.


Connect is determined to help build a better Fiji by providing quality Internet and communications needs for its people and businesses, thereby making it easier for the country to communicate with the world. Connect continually strive to improve our products and quality of service to our customers. Connect has dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced and innovative staff serving as IT engineers, technical officers, Internet application developers, programmers, corporate accounts managers and customer service officers. They combine their skills to provide products and services to your organization's technology needs. Connect has a determined team striving to make a difference in an ever changing networked society. They are a fully owned subsidiary company of Telecom Fiji Limited under Amalgamated Telecom Holdings. Connect Fiji Ltd. began in 1996 with the exclusive license to provide internet services throughout Fiji. They also provide various services to our customers within Fiji. Connect employs over 40 Staff and have offices in Suva, Nadi, Lautoka and Labasa. The future plans for bandwidth, hardware, software and personnel are based on striving to maintain the highest level of quality Internet service; measured by response time, reliability and security as well as competent reliable customer care. Connects Mission Statement Connect understand that their customer's need is paramount - therefore they have made it their aim to be #1 in the South Pacific delivering excellence in serves and technology. Connects Vision It is their vision to be the best Internet Service provider in the South Pacific by providing world class services to all their customers. Connects Goals Their goal is to ensure that they as a company maintain a high level of knowledge in the world of technology and impart this knowledge to their customers. 6.0 Data Analysis The data analysis is from the organization perspective, staff perspective and customer perspective in view of customer satisfaction and how they sustain completive advantage compared to other internet service providers. ...read more.


* Providing high quality services- consumers receiving high quality service. 8.0 Recommendation The following recommendation can be considered by Connect Fiji Ltd to make their services more effective and efficient. * We think that procurement (delivering additional value to the bottom line through new methods) work should be closely done with other business functions it can drive flexibility, ultimately making it expandable to customer needs and creating value to the company's bottom line. * At times some customers are unaware of the packages available at Connect Fiji Ltd, thus the firm should make an effort to make proper advertisement so that the customers are fully aware through advertising via radio and flairs since it's cheaper. * They should also allow customers to try out their new services for free or provide demonstration on how their new services work. * Have some part-time employees to share the load during peak time. * Have more call operators to reduce customer being put to hold. * They should offer higher speed compared to unwired, this will help the recover lost customers who go for speed rather than capacity. 9.0 Conclusion It is rationale for an organization to maintain its existing customers than to attract new customers. Loyal or regular customers continue buying products in the near future and they also recommend their product to other customers thus attracting more customers. The business should always upgrade itself to the available competition so that it is able to achieve greater profit margin. This can be achieved by having a perfect knowledge about the market. After discovering what the customers want the business can begin to understand how their product gives value to the customers. After conducting this research project, it be said that Connect Fiji Ltd has gained a lot by using its business level strategy. This does not mean that Unwired Fiji Ltd should be restricted to business level strategy only. Implementation of other strategies can make the business to be one of the most prominent internet service providers in Fiji. 10. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Business Studies section.

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