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Order Management System

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Running Head: SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT System Development [name of the writer] [name of the institution ] [name of the Professor] [Course] Initial System Identifying and Analyzing The organization is competing in a scenario that is up to date and latest to say the least. The competing firms have employed ways under which orders are placed through a system that computerizes the whole process, from order taking to delivery. In today's fast paced world where time is money, valuable time is lost in taking orders manually and then keeping track of them too. Manual order taking and processing is a thing of the past, which will not be of any use for the organization and rather become a hurdle for the company to progress further. Inappropriate order management results in unsatisfied customers and lost sales for the organization. Customer's today are learned enough to know their alternatives and desire real time information from their sellers. Any value addition carried out by some other company which increases the utility for the customer will be of interest for him or her. Proper order management will result in timely and accurate delivery that is desired by every customer. The manual order taking, tracking and then order delivery which is the whole process is affected greatly because of not being properly computerized and up dated. The problem here is in the fact that manual order taking results in complications for the company and proper tracking is not possible. To counter this problem an order management system would be very effective and efficient and bring out the desired results for the company. Root Definition The root definition will be "the system is an order management system and it aims to achiever real time order taking, processing and delivery to the customer in the least possible time". CATWOE Test 1. Clients: - Clients will benefit the most from the new order management system because they can order sitting in the comfort of their homes and track the order's status online too. ...read more.


These mainly include back ground research, interviewing, inspection, document samples and questionnaires. The final outcome of this phase is to make a specification statement which would aid the company in the design phase. Design This is a vital phase before the actual coding starts. This stage serves as a guide in order to build a system that is in line with the specified requirements in the preceding phases since during this phase the complete formation of the software is designed. The design phase aims to look at data design, interface design for example screen layouts, report layouts, the method as to how individual programs run, the programs that is required and how they interrelate with each other. This phase also addresses how the work of people will change and their approach to job design will vary. Construction At this stage the coding takes place. This is done in sequence with the findings from the specifications analysis stage and the result derived at the design stage. Since the Company presently functions on a manual basis before building the final working explanation, it is wiser to develop a sample which will give the users a signal of the final system to be built. This will aid the users to recognize how their specifications will be transformed into an operating system. This would further help in getting rid of the uncertainty of the requirements between the developer and the Company. After approval of the model the final coding is carried out and completed. Testing Usually this stage is carried out by someone who was not included in the programming process. The chief aim of this phase is to make sure that the desired requirements of the administration of the company have been adequately met. The software can be taken as a black box or white box and tested to see its viability. Black box testing looks at the value of the performance of the software. ...read more.


* Once cheque banked details are received accepting the closing of transaction by the finance division and storing the details in the archive location. The whole financial process has to be carried out by the system. * Distinctive characters and integers as data are inputted to specific formats by customers and employees. * Calculating the delivery date and time automatically for each supplier as agreed before the system based on the date the purchase order is created. * Automatic alerts to all the pertinent division prior to the scheduled delivery date. * Retrieving reports based on any data input into the system. * Storing customer data, type of products requested, quantity bought, delivery dates, revenue, processed purchase order details. Non-functional requirements/Non-requirements These requirements usually describe the features of the system that help in satisfying the functional requirements. * System should react to the accepted purchase order within forty eight hours. * System should send the alert messages to all the departments twenty four hours before the delivery date. * Releasing the purchase order should be done within twenty four hours. * At a given time not more than 20 purchase orders should be queued because of capacity constraints. Analyzing the System Constraints and Roadblocks that could be faced These are the limitations of the system that may be rectified or removed to enhance the capability of the system in future. * Manual releasing of the purchase order which would take more time for processing. The speed of the pertinent staff member decides success of the system procedures. * Customers unwilling to use a web based system due to concerns they have of the security of the system * Network down time will affect the processing speed which would lead to unprocessed orders and dissatisfied customers. This can reduce revenues in the future. * Employees unwilling to work in a web-based environment as all performances are streamlined. Certain in capabilities may be exposed of the employees that they want to hide. Data Flow Diagram showing main elements of the system process. ?? ?? ?? ?? System Development 1 ...read more.

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