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Performance Management

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BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT INTERNAL ASSESMENT 1 Research on an issue in a real organization TECHSENSE (PVT) LTD NAME: ALI AYAZ GAJANI CLASS: DIPLOMA YEAR 1 DATE: 13TH MAY, 2008 SUBMITTED TO: ABDUL REHMAN KHATRI THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, KARACHI Acknowledgements I would like to say thank you to the following persons who have helped me during a lot to do my research. Mr. Ali Junejo CEO Mr. Kaiser Ahmed Senior Vice-President Systems Management Ms. Sidra HR Co-coordinator Mr. Mansoor Ali Senior Consultant (ERP) Mr. Adnan SVP I would also like to thank the remaining employees who used their precious time help me complete my survey. Contents Executive Summary 4 Introduction 5 Primary Research 6 The Appraisal Process 7 Performance Tools @ Techsense 8 Conclusion 9 Recommendations 9 Appendices 10 Appendix 1 11 Appendix 2 12 Appendix 3 13 Appendix 4 (Survey Data) 14-15 References 16 Executive Summary Techsense (Pvt) Ltd was established in August, 2007. It is an I.T solution and services company that, in addition to being preferred partner of IBM, Oracle and Microsoft develops customized business automation softwares. Techsense has its headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan. Techsense also has an office in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. Techsense is growing on a fast track. The company pays great attention to its employees and their skills' enhancement as the management realizes that employees are its capital and pivotal to the company's business growth and image. ...read more.


An employee X performs exceptionally well than an employee Y but his behavior in the organization is unacceptable. The employer then has the right to give the employee bad comments and lower marks on the marking criteria. Therefore, the employees' behavior is very important in appraisal. Primary Research Performance appraisal is necessary in order to maintain a high-performing unit in the organization. At Techsense, a high-performing unit is described as the employee and his working unit i.e. the computer. I conducted primary research in form of a questionnaire and two-minute interview sessions. The survey results are based on a 15-person data, including the employees and the employers at Techsense. The questionnaire had questions relation to the importance of appraisal of employees and how does it affect the productivity and the performance of the company and the employees. The questionnaire: The results from the questionnaire showed that majority of the employees felt happy that when someone keeps a check on their performance and were eager to achieve the targets assigned to them. The pie charts of the survey explains it further. (Please see appendix 4) The 2-minutes interviews: The combined result of the employers' and employees' responses is described as above. At Techsense, employees and the employers thought that it is effective to appraise on the performance management system because of the following points: 1. Allows targets to be created and the management knows their strengths and weaknesses. ...read more.


Also, the appraisal model of the Techsense has another important factor to it. It is divided into a set of objectives in which every skill of the employees has a different weightage and is assessed using the main criteria of productivity, affiliation and quality. Therefore, the employees and the supervisor/employer have an idea of the area where the improvement is required. It is the performance management system of the Techsense, which will take appraisal to the next level as a major step towards boosting the company's performance. Recommendations To add to the appraisal model of Techsense, I would recommend the appraisal of the management/heads/supervisor by the employees/sub-ordinates. This is would allow the relationship between them to increase, in which the employee and the supervisor would have a better understanding amongst each self, which ultimately allows the employees to work with zeal, and contribute to the increasing productivity of the organization. Another recommendation is the incorporation of advanced technology, which will allow appraisal to be conducted even more easily and professionally. Using new softwares, the human resources department/employer/supervisor should be able to judge the percentage of work done on each task by a certain employees at a working station that is the computer. It means that softwares are installed on the working units of each employee to determine their task work output. This is a good option as most of the work is computer based at Techsense. ...read more.

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