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PESTEL analysis for TLE oil company in the Philippines

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´╗┐Environmental Scan The success of any business operation depends on the quality of managing both internal and external environments. In managing the TLE, there is a need to focus on some of the environmental factors and the various tools that can be utilized in the analytic process. One of the tools that can be used is the PESTEL (Political Factors, Economic Factors, Technological Factors, Environmental Factors, Legal Factors, Ecology, Socio-Cultural, and Potential Supplies). An analysis of these factors is enumerated in the succeeding portion of the paper. Political Factors As mandated by existing laws, TLE need to comply with various legal requirements. ...read more.


But nothing is alarming because oil and Gas Company in the Philippines is covered by a range of regulations that limit where, when and how extraction is done. As a result, Total Corporation surely complied with all of these laws; hence nothing damaging can affect the business with regards to political factor. Economic Factors The primary clients of TLE are bus companies, Oil Mills and small gasoline stations. Their consumption of the fuel products usually depends on their business activities. Volatility of prices is not a big factor on the demand as much as it seems since these businesses need fuel to run their business. ...read more.


Likewise, the driver is being constantly reminded on road safety driving specifically that the hauler contains oil products which are highly volatile. No smoking policy is imposed. Products are sealed right from the hauling stations (depot) of TOTAL. This ensures that products are delivered in the right volume and are not being tampered or adulterated. Ecology Since the products that they are consuming are petroleum products, they have to comply with environmental laws governing their operations. Buses, service vehicles and public utility vehicles which are end users of gasoline and diesel products undergo annual and periodic smoke emission testing. These help ensure that the vehicles are not contributing much to the emission of carbon monoxide gases. Since the company guarantees that their products are environmental friendly, the same products are extended to the end users. ...read more.

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