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Presto Cleaners

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THE CASE OF THE COMPLAINING CUSTOMER - PRESTO CLEANERS 1. Why is Mr. Shelton upset? What should be done to address his complaint? In relation to the operations manager's role in addressing major aspects of service quality, the following are the reasons Mr. Shelton's disappointment towards Presto Cleaner and possible solutions to address his complaint: * Tangible component of many services is important, which, in this case, is the new computer system. Its purpose of delivering an easy, convenient and time saving way to do laundry was not met. Delays with the vendor and the software may have cost time for testing the new system and training the employees to operate the system. Problems with the new computerized system could have been avoided had Presto Cleaners postponed the launch of the new system to accommodate enough time for testing, training their employees. * Service and service quality is a process. Listed in the table below are some determinants of service quality which Presto Cleaners failed to provide Mr. Shelton leading to his disappointment of the service: Determinants Situation What should be done to address the complain Reliability Presto Cleaners' new system misplaced Mr. ...read more.


This was obviously presented in Mr. Shelton's letter when he described how he and his wife patronized Presto Cleaners with the old system over competition despite paying a premium and comparing to his experience with the new system. A way to avoid such problem was to provide a transition period from the old system to the new system and not launch the new system full blast without the old system as back-up support. Some customers like Mr. Shelton appreciates change especially if it is geared towards improvement of the service, however, it is also easy for these customers to criticize the new system and notice its flaws as they can compare it with the old system that they are accustomed to. * Managers must expect exceptions. Despite unanimously agreeing that the new system may encounter problems, no precautionary measures were performed. This could have been avoided with the aid of a back-up support system. 2. Based on the information presented in the case; develop a comprehensive quality improvement plan for Presto Cleaner. The following are recommended to improve the service quality of Presto Cleaners: * Test new systems before full implementation. ...read more.


Courtesy Ensure utmost courtesy is practiced by all employees especially store personnel who are in direct contact with customers. Develop the values of respect, politeness, and friendliness. Communication Always set customer expectations. Once set, ensure that you are able to meet the expectation. If not, never fail to provide feedback before the expectation could be due to buy more time to deliver such expectation. Credibility Treat the customers as king by always giving them the benefit of the doubt. Verify the validity of customer complaints and/or claims but never make customers feel that you doubt them. Security Presto Cleaners should develop a system to ensure security of customers laundry to avoid mixing it up with other customers laundry. Less instances of this happening would give the customers the impression that we value the trust given to us by our customers. Understanding or knowing the customer The new system already addresses customer specific requirements in their laundry, which is very commendable. However, there is still a need to further enhance the new system. Tangibles Continuously improve the new system based on feedbacks received during the first days/weeks of implementation. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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