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Provide a list of 5 ethical companies & how they become ethical?

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Provide a list of 5 ethical companies & how they become ethical? Microsoft Environmental Sustainability Principles At Microsoft, they are committed to software and technology innovations that help people and organizations around the world improve the environment. Their goal is to reduce the impact of our operations and products, and to be a leader in environmental responsibility. Microsoft follows strict policies to ensure that the company remains in full compliance with international environmental regulations and the specific environmental requirements of each country/region where we do business. Microsoft actively works to protect our natural resources by doing the following: Conserving, reusing, and recycling. Where feasible, Microsoft conserves natural resources by using recycled materials and supplies, efficiently using energy, and participating in recycling programs for Microsoft products after they have served their useful life. Microsoft encourages and supports the sustainable use of renewable natural resources. Reducing and disposing of waste. Microsoft reduces and where possible eliminates waste through source reduction and recycling at company facilities. All waste is safely and responsibly handled and disposed of. Developing safe and sustainable products. Microsoft develops, manufactures, and markets products that are safe for their intended use. Their environmental policies and practices aim to protect, conserve, and sustain the world's natural resources as well as to protect Microsoft customers and the communities in which we live and operate. Making environmental stewardship part of our business relationships. At Microsoft, they strive to incorporate their environmental principles into our business relationships. They seek similar commitments to the environment from our major suppliers. They participate in industry groups to set industry standards on environmental practices. They strive to keep their customers informed about their efforts, and they welcome their feedback. ...read more.


8. Alternative propulsion concepts. In our quest to preserve resources and improve the environmental compatibility of our vehicles, we are developing alternative propulsion technologies, which are constantly improved and upgraded. We are also committed to the development of infrastructure aimed at the production and distribution of alternative energy sources required by these vehicles. 9. Mobility for the future. By jointly planning and cooperating with all areas of politics, society and government administration, the BMW Group is able to offer perspectives for the future where mobility and responsibility for the environment no longer represent a contradiction in terms. We are therefore developing transport concepts and technologies with the overriding objective of maintaining mobility without undermining the quality of life. 10. Suppliers. With regards to efficient use of resources and the sustainability of our environment, we consider ourselves responsible to include our suppliers in these corporate objectives and to therefore encourage and promote this environmental policy. Our suppliers are required to adhere to relevant BMW Group norms and standards pertaining to product environmental performance. In order to ensure that the integrated environmental compatibility of our processes is maintained, we expect our suppliers to introduce and maintain effective environmental management systems. The Body Shop How do they insure their products are responsibly sourced? In 1987, The Body Shop launched Community Trade. One of the first examples of fair trade, Community Trade has numerous benefits for our company, our customers and our suppliers. Through trading we can offer our suppliers a stable, long-term income. We can access some of nature's finest ingredients, which are grown and harvested by expert local farmers. Many of these ingredients are grown using time-honoured techniques, helping to preserve a traditional way of life. ...read more.


The Starbucks Farmer Support Center we opened in Costa Rica in 2004 allows our team of agronomists and quality experts to be in the field, working directly with farmers to develop and use more responsible methods to grow better coffee, to help improve the quality and size of the harvest - and ultimately earn better prices for it. In 2008, we expanded our on-the-ground presence in Africa, hiring a director of agronomy to oversee the new Farmer Support Center in Rwanda. We also remain committed to opening a Farmer Support Center in Ethiopia in the future. Working with farmers and coffee-growing communities. In addition to our work with Conservation International and Starbucks ethical coffee buying guidelines, here are some other ways Starbucks is working with coffee-growing communities: � Supporting farmers with small-scale farms and who grow Fair Trade coffee � Paying the prices that high quality coffee commands � Buying Certified Organic coffee � Helping conserve wildlife and biodiversity in Africa's coffee regions through the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) � Investing in a better future for farmers through loan programs � Involving our partners and customers in our work with coffee farmers in Costa Rica with Earthwatch Expeditions (additional information can be found on their website: http://www.earthwatch.org/expedition) Beyond Coffee We are taking what we've learned through our work with coffee farmers and applying it to other products. Our Goal: 100% of our coffee will be responsibly grown, ethically traded. Although we've reached 75% of this goal, the remaining 25% will by far be the hardest. Reaching this goal will require work to bring more existing farmers into our Shared Planet program, and identifying new farmers for participation. We opened the new Farmer Support Center in Rwanda to help our expansion of SSP coffee in Africa, an important step in our journey. ...read more.

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