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Quality circles

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Information for Internal Use The rationale of this paper demonstrate that how to inspect the association of quality circle programmes to current scenario of any organisation, and an awareness of the weaknesses of quality circles and how these can be remedial, as well as the strengths. Further, understanding of the tools and techniques which can be used by quality circles to investigate and remedy quality problems, and demonstrate an understanding of the organizational implications of instituting a programme of quality circles. Quality circles, Case study, TQM, Quality improvement. Running head: Total Quality Management Total Quality Management [Name of the student] [Name of the institute] Table of contents Overview 4 Quality circle at UPS a case study 4 Increased quality 6 Reductions in need for large-scale capital investment 7 To effectively implement the theory of continuous improvement 7 Tools and techniques 8 Strength and remedies 9 Conclusion and organizational implementation 11 References 12 Total Quality Management Overview The mainstream of authors embrace the point that quality circles could have much healthier option of endurance if they were considered as one branch of incessant procedure of TQM. Unluckily a big number of circle programmes over the world in different firms were introducing too early a structure for TQM which was already in position and as a result many of the circle programmes never been a success story. (Langley 2004, p691-711) A problem that is faced by many firms is how to incorporate TQM circles into a course of incessant quality. The rationale of this paper demonstrate that how to inspect the association of circle programmes to current scenario of any organisation, and an awareness of the weaknesses of quality circles and how these can be remedial, as well as the strengths. ...read more.


(De Wit B and Meyer 2004) Employees must be able to communicate effectively, suggestions to superiors, and other relevant employees. Security of jobs must continue to be established, in that, workers will not suggest process improvements, if their jobs are threatened by these improvements. We must each understand the whole process, so the managers can organize, control, and plan, and so workers can try to meet the needs and quality requirements of the consumers, within the organization. (Hendry and Seidl 2003, p175-96) These recommendations will only work if there is a committed management and work force team. Every team must believe in the integrity and ability of the other teams and co-operate and co-ordinate their activities with each other to help implement these recommendations effectively. Some suspected challenges in the implementation of UPS TQM process, if accepted, may be contributed to wrong implementation or targeting small and trivial problems rather than tackling the few but important problems that can actually be well worth it if targeted properly. (Hambrick 2004, p91-98) If employees are low on morale and the organization, instead of increasing their morale, actually lay down targets that are harder to achieve then morale will reduce even further and there a large amount of adverse effects to follow. Therefore, a high morale workforce will be an essential element of UPS TQM. Another problem is that companies try to solve all problems at once causing confusion and low success rates in minimizing the problem. (Denis et al 2001, p809-37) Our firm must tackle its problems one at a time to avoid this situation. Sometimes, the problem is not only with the teams or the wrong implementation of TQM but with the middle management. ...read more.


(Knights 2001, p311-40) Conclusion and organizational implementation Through our analysis quality circle has observed that circles can be helpful if the organization and quality circles mutually decide the TQM process. But in this analysis we have observed that quality circles were not much successful due to its previous reputation. They company also have methods for evaluating their part-time employees. The pre-load employees are evaluated by the amount of volume that the 18-wheelers carry into the centre. They have a time-chart for how soon the pre-load should be finished according to the volume on the 18-wheelers. The local sort is measured on how fast they can get the packages out. Every person on the local sort must have an average of touching 200 packages per hour. This includes people that do not even touch the packages. (Jarzabkowski 2003, p23-55) The local sort also containerizes small packages into bags so that the hub will not have to resort them to a new location. They are measured on how many mis-sorts are in each bag. They are only allowed to have one mistake on every 2000 packages without getting reprimanded. UPS is believed to have one of the most elaborate auditing systems around and that all discrepancies are documented and then the E-centre is given a goal list to help increase the productivity as needed. The company is consistently trying to improve on the quality of everything that it does. The major goal of UPS is: every package must be delivered every day. It wants to get every package delivered by the specifications of the customer. If that is a next day early a.m. package, that is when UPS wants that package delivered. Quality circles can be a major part of any organization if circle produce its strength by mutual understanding with firm and its employees. ...read more.

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