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Questionnaire for evaluating customer's satisfaction

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QUESTIONNAIRE FOR EVALUATING CUSTOMERS' SATISFACTION USING TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES In order to evaluting customers' satisfaction when using telecommunication services in scope of nationwide, and supporting us (HSB-MBA students) in completing our research. We are sincerely wishing you give your ideas by fill in this form. We pledge to keep your informations in secret and only use them for our analysis purpose. A. CUSTOMER INFORMATION Full Name: Address: Province/City: Nationality: Sex: Male Female Age: Under 18 18-23 23-30 30-40 Over 40 Tel: Fax: E-mail: Current job: Position: Earning: Under 5m 5-9m 9-15m 15-30m Over 30m B. ...read more.


Yes No The reason I changed: * Better service * Better price * Promotion * Convenience * Job requirement * Other My budget for telecom service per month: * Unver 100.000 VND * 100.000 --> 300.000 VND * 300.000 --> 500.000 VND * 500.000 --> 1.000.000 VND * 1.000.000 --> 1.500.000 VND * Over 1.500.000 VND 3 most satisfied factors: * Quality * Stable wave * Customer care * Value added * Price * Promotion My most used functions: * Hear * Call * SMS * Chat - email * ...read more.


Yes No T�i cam nhan v� thuong hieu m�nh dang d�ng: * Friendly * Closely * Credible * Creative * Precisive * Professional * Humorous D. OVERALL EVALUATE Pls. set grade for telecom services you used or knew about (Grade rank from 1 --> 10. Grade 10 means exellent, Grade 1 means disappointed) Viettel Mobile Sfone 1.Brand name 2.Quality service 3.Stable wave 4.Convenience 5.Price 6.Promotion 7.Value added 8.Covered area 9.Customer care 10.Advertising Total: (You need not to calculate) Thank you very much for your supporting us! ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 (c) HUNGNH ...read more.

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