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Marketing Research Proposal Research to prepare for Stop Smoking Wales Nov.2009 TABLE OF CONTENT I.Background -------------------------------------------------------------------4 ?.Objectives-----------------------------------------------------------------------4 ?.Research design --------------------------------------------------------------5 3.1 Desk research------------------------------------------------------5 3.1.1 Purpose ------------------------------------------------------5 3.1.2 Procedure ---------------------------------------------------6 3.2 Primary data --------------------------------------------------------8 3.2.1 Qualitative researches ----------------------------------------8 Group interview ----------------------------------8 Purpose -------------------------------------------8 Population and sampling --------------------9 Procedure --------------------------------------10 Data analysis ----------------------------------10 Observation ------------------------------------10 Purpose ----------------------------------------10 Data collection --------------------------------10 Data analysis ----------------------------------10 3.2.2 Quantitative researches ------------------------------------10 Purpose -------------------------------------------------------11 Population and sampling ---------------------------------11 Procedure and data analysis ----------------------------11 ?.Reporting ----------------------------------------------------------12 V.Cost and time tables --------------------------------------------12 ?.Appendices --------------------------------------------------------14 ?.References --------------------------------------------------------18 I.Background: Stop Smoking Wales is the organisation funded by Welsh Government; with the mission to offer free and friendly support (including providing quitting guidance, advice and information) to those smokers who are intend to give up smoking across Wales since 2004. Stop Smoking Wales plays an important role in reducing bad impact on the health of smokers as well as people who suffer from second-hand smoking. The organisation is about to launch a new campaign, which is aiming to encourage smokers to change their behaviours as well as raise the level of public awareness of smoking-related litter. In order to obtain an optimized social effort based on its aims, reasonable formulation of the campaign is necessary. Therefore, a further understanding regarding smoking-related behaviours and motivations is crucial in terms of formulate the campaign more reasonably. According to the brief Stop Smoking Wales sent, the content of research should cover: profiles of smokers; smoking levels and related behaviours; motivations to smoke and quit; behaviour regarding litter related to smoke. ?.Objectives The overall objective of the research is to identify the smoking-related behaviour and have an insight into their motivation. This has been splitted into the following sub-objectives: 1. To gain an updated profile of smokers; 2. To get information regarding smoking level and related behaviours of smokers. 3. To identify the motivations of smokers to smoke, quit and re-smoke. ...read more.


for smokers to quit (financial reason, health reason, bad impact on children or non-smokers etc.); * Reasons for smokers to re-smoke; * The sources of help/advice/information on smoking, to what extend smokers consider it as useful and reasons to their opinions. * The way smokers dispose smoking-related litter and their attitudes towards throwing the litter any where. * Recommendations to improve smokers' behaviour regarding smoking-related litter. 2) Population and sampling: The target population of group interviews will be people aged 11-45, living in Wales. School registers, Postcode Address File are chosen as sample frame. To those students under 18, school registers would be useful. 80 students would be selected according to the list provided by school census based on the academic year of 2007, 2008 and 2009. To make the research more easily conducted, the selected students would be from two schools (middle school and high school, 40 of each). Students of different academic year will be selected randomly to make sure the selected students cover the age from 11 to 18.To those above 18, we will use Postcode Address File as the sampling frame.200 people would be selected randomly from the sample frame. Selected people would be pre-screened their qualifications to take part in the interviews by a prepared questionnaire. The questionnaire would include: whether or not they are smokers, if they are not, the end of the pre-screening; if they are, information regarding demographic, socio-economic classifications, how long they've smoked, how many cigarettes they smoke per day, locations they smoke, have they tried to quit in the past 1 year, how they dispose smoking-related litter, will be asked to provided in order to help in screening. All the questionnaires would be done and collected on-line, to reduce possible uncomfortable feelings of giving true answers. We propose fours groups (6 participants each group) with the following profiles based on the result of the pre-screening: * Group 1: mixed gender; aged 11 to 18; smokers who tried to quit in the past 1 year. ...read more.


(You may choose more than one option and please rank the options as required): A. Very important B. Quite important C. Not important 1.Saving money 2.Health problem 3.Bad impact on children/youth 4.Pregnancy 5.Ban of smoking 6.Support from families/friends 7.Support from professional health care organisation 8. What are the benefits of smoking? (Please rank all the options) A. Very important B. Quite important C. Not important 1.it helps me to relax 2.it helps to break up my working time 3.it is something to do when I am bored 4.it helps me to cope with stress 5.I enjoy it 6.it is something I do with my friends or family 7.it stops me putting on weight 8.it stops me putting on weight 9.it stops me putting on weight 10.it stops me getting withdrawal symptoms 9. Why do you think it is hard to quit smoking? (Please rank all the options) A. Very important B. Quite important C. Not important 1.People enjoy smoking too much 2.Putting on weight after you quit 3.Stressed feeling without smoking 4.Their partners smoke 5.A lot of their friends smoke 6.Hard to resist the craving for a cigarette 7.They don't actually want to quit 8.Unpleasant withdrawal symptom 10.What are the sources of information/advance/help on smoking consider as useful ? (Please rank all the options) A. Very useful B. Quite useful C. Not useful 1.Doctors,GP,consultants 2. Families, friends 3.Leaflets/booklets 4.Lectures 5.TV,Radio 6.Newspapers,magazines 7.Telephone line 8.Stop smoking groups 9.Other professional health care service 11. How do you dispose smoking-related litter?(please circle) 1. I always drop them any where. 2. I normally put them in ash-bin. 12. What do you think are the reasons for smokers to discard smoking-related litter any where? (Please rank all the options) A. Very important B. Quite important C. Not important 1. Not enough or no ash-bin available in the smoking areas 2.Just a habit 3.Fast,convenient 4.Lack of publicity of the bad impact on littering smoking-related rubbishes 5. There's no compulsory measures of forbidding littering smoking-related rubbishes 13. What will you recommend to improve the behaviour of smokers regarding smoking-related litter? (Please write down your opinions) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ?. ...read more.

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