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Searching for appreticeship in Berlin

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Searching for apprenticeship in Berlin Initiation: I've chosen this subject because I thought it would be exciting to write about and because it may be a different topic. Searching for apprenticeship in Berlin: I decided to search for apprenticeship in Berlin because I would like to take a part of my education as a hairdresser international and I've always thought that Berlin was an exciting and different city, that contents many different people and styles. I also liked the thought of moving to another country with so many attractions and such history. So I decided to go for it and maybe be moving to Berlin. I started searching for hairdressers in Berlin on the Internet and choose an area, so I wouldn't have to walk through all of Berlin. ...read more.


The next morning we were going to see a museum, and grabbed a bite of food on the way. We hadn't expected that the museum was a waist of time, so when the clock rounded 4, we were in a hurry and went into the place where I was going to search for apprenticeship. We went into a coffee bar and got a drink, so I could loose my nerves and write the addresses on the applications. And then we went out to find the hairdressers, but it wasn't that easy as we had expected, even though we had a map, it was very difficult to find them. We asked for help but didn't get much, but finally we found one of them and went inside. ...read more.


They told me they would give me a call and I went out of there happily. My aunt and I found another hairdresser where I went in, but they told me they couldn't have me because they had so many people at the time, and showed me to another salon in the same company and I went in there, and they told me they would call me too. When we got out of there, was the clock about 7 and we thought that the most hairdresser had closed or were about to, so we went into a shopping center to look and shop. At Sunday, January 10. We had finished the weekend and were going back home. Experienced and written by: Maria Svensson January 2010 ...read more.

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