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Social Strategies Plan for Mars - marketing chocolate in China

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´╗┐Social Strategies Plan for Mars 11/25/2012 Shuliang LIU ________________ Detail target personas 1. Chocolate/snack lovers: People who love eating medium-price chocolates/candies People who love creative promotion ideas and are willing to share with others 1. Pet owners: People who want provide their pets a healthier food diet People who want to create great conditions for their pets with easy care 1. Gifts buyers: People who prepare to give nice gifts but have no specific ideas on mind People who want to pick up creative gifts online and have it to be sent to destination directly 1. Young graduates: People who just graduate from school and look for a job People who are interested in working in MARS and looking for more information about this brand What?s currently being said ...read more.


1. Marketing: MARS provides various types of products including snacks, candies, and pet food MARS offers customers products at reasonable prices MARS has adequate inventories to satisfy customers? needs and are willing to update information of new products launch In order to implement our social strategies, we plan to focus on three social networks: Weibo, YouTube and Pinterest Why we choose these social media: 1. Weibo The most frequently used social media in China (Chinese Twitter) which has over 300 million users Easy to create an official account with Enterprise Verification Display promotion/coupon/new product launch information Insert rich media like images, videos, music, emoticons, and polls to create campaigns 1. ...read more.


Enhance the loyalty/reputation of the brand through interactions on Pinterest and Youtube 3. Use the tracking tool provided by Weibo to track public opinions towards the brand and manage PR crisis 4. Increase the click rate of videos posted on YouTube by putting links on other platforms 5. Retweets and repins on Weibo/Pinterest to show our concerns Maintenance plan 1. PR and marketing departments will take charge of the maintenance work for official accounts 1. The maintenance work for official accounts is daily based 2. Update new videos/posts/pictures on social platform 1. We need to check/reply the retweets/repins which reflect customers? thoughts 1. Everyone in the company is a ?spokesman? of the brand 1. Employees are responsible for advocating good brand value through personal social media Sample value posts (HOW TO MAKE DOVE CHOCOLATE COOKIES) Sample marketing posts ...read more.

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