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Sport Marketing Report - Marquiz Thermal Fitness Club of Seoul.

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´╗┐Sport Marketing Report Asia?s Largest Fitness Club Alda Ardelia 12466102 Place Marquiz Thermal Spa & Fitness Club is located inside JW Marriott Hotel Seoul (on B2 floor). The hotel address is 19-3 Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-040. The hotel?s Marquis Thermal Spa and Fitness Club is recognized as one of the city?s best, and the location of the property could not get much more convenient. It is located on top of a shopping complex, close to Express Bus Terminal station that serves three major lines, and an express bus terminal from which coaches leave to other major cities. I use subway from Gongneung station and I do not need to transfer because it is directly connected to Express Bus Terminal in line 7. Use exit 7, I can find the hotel easily. Its surroundings are premium shopping center such as Shinsagae, premium apartment, and close to Gangnam, one of premium area in Seoul . So, I can say that Marquiz Thermal Spa & Fitness Club choose the correct location because they serve premium service which target high-income customer. ...read more.


Moreover, it offers variety of activities such as aerobic, yoga, kooksundo, bodypump, aquarobic and many other classes. It also offers lesson and personal trainer to the beginners in gymnasium, swimming, scuba diving, golf, and squash. So its core product are the fitness club and its activity inside the fitness club. Inside the fitness club, they offer natural sunlight from solar panel, natural air like in the mountains of Korea, and natural water in all the pools to promote healthier skin and stress relief. They also offer peripheral product such as 30 mins-body scrub and 1 hour massage (woman only). Inside the fitness club, you also can find the restaurant that serves healthy menu, Korean cuisine, fine drinks and many more, also lounge that offers games, scrumptious snacking favorites and private karaoke room. Price From the picture above, we can see that the price of the fitness club membership fee is incredibly expensive compares to school fitness club near the dormitory (30.000 each month). ...read more.


But, I think it is not enough. Maybe for JW Marriott, Marquiz Thermal Spa & Fitness Club is just a peripheral product, but with the comprehensive facility and 5-star service, Marquiz Thermal Spa & Fitness Club can be more better and get more attention in the premium service world. I suggest them, they should expand more in promotion budget for Marquiz Thermal Spa & Fitness Club because they are great but not many people know about it. They invest a lot in the high-end facilities but as I can see, only a little customer come to the fitness club, compare to the size and facilities of the fitness club. They maybe have promotional tools to target corporate customer, as I can predict from the pricing differentiation strategy for corporate. But if they want to attract more high-income customer, they supposed to be more aggresive, by doing some promotion in high-level international school, or make a contract with top level company to give their board of manager (or high position staff), membership in the fitness club as incentive in work. ...read more.

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