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Study of the online bus-ticket company Obilet.

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Market Launch After conducting market researches on profitability Obilet managers YiÄit Gürocak and Ali Yılmaz decided to take action. First step was to decide on the name of the website. At first, the managers looked into possibility of capturing a generic name such as bilet.com and otobusbileti.com; however the prices for these domain names were extremely high which is around 100,000$. Therefore managers decide to take a different approach and looked for domain names with cheaper prices and still capture the attention of the potential customers and in addition to these, giving a general idea about the site itself. Availability of the domain name “Obilet” for just 10 dollars gave the opportunity of saving up thousands of dollars and still being able to accomplish what they aimed for with the website name. ...read more.


Obilet offers a simple design with an easy, customer friendly interface. Online purchase of Bus tickets are increasing as a matter of increasing welfare and the utilization of the internet. Obilet is accessible from every computer with an internet connection and managers are planning on expanding the area of influence with an expansion of the site with a version for mobile users. Obilet?s competitors are websites of the big bus firms and some websites which offers tickets of smaller firms. Obilet is an intermediary site which connects people who want to buy bus tickets with the eligible bus companies; therefore Obilet is unable to regulate prices. ...read more.


Turkey?s leading newspapers? websites covered a brief story about the site which ended up in a vast amount of visitors which caused the website server to crash. Media coverage and increasing number of bus firms available is an extra incentive for Obilet. Despite all the positive aspects of the site, high amount of conservative customers, who are not aware of online purchase or who don?t trust on online interactions, holds Obilet back from higher amounts of profits. Going over this obstacle is something to do with time as the upcoming generation will consist of internet users more than the generation now. Managers acknowledges this and they are looking for development at any given time and they focus on university students as they have a huge potential and forming a strong bond with university students now will lead to a long lasting profit. ...read more.

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