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HANOI UNIVERSITY FALCULTY OF MANAGEMENT AND TOURISM SWOT ANALYSIS BINH MINH PLASTIC COMPANY Head Quarter: 240 Hau Giang St, Ward 9, Dist 6, HCMC Tel: (84.8) 39690973 - 39694524 binhminh@binhminhplastic.com.vn Sale Network: Phuong Nga Store 313B Lac Long Quan St, H� Noi City Teacher: Nguyen Dang Hoang Student: Pham Minh Van Bui Thu Huong Nguyen Hang Nga Pham Thuy Trang TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive summary....... 1 Introduction of the company 1 * Current business 1 * Current products 1 * Target market(s) 2 * Current situation of the business 2 SWOT analysis............... . 3 * Strengths....... 3 * Weaknesses.. 4 * Opportunities 4 * Threats....... 5 Conclusion and Recommendations 5 Appendix and Reference 6 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In 1997, Binh Minh Plastics Joint Stock Company (BMP) was formed. After 10 years of its operation, BMP is in a position as the leader in the sales and distribution of plastic products in Vietnam. The purpose of the company is to take advantage of the latest technology as well as the skilled workforce to provide customers with high-quality products at a reasonable price. In 2008, BMP reached approximately VND 821 billion of revenue, more than 21 % compared to 2007 and profit after tax is VND 96 billion, up14% in comparison with the planned target (Huong T.K 2009). ...read more.


The profit after tax reached VND 88 billion, up 54.4% compared to the same period. Thus, the financial performance of BMP currently shows positive signs and it is estimated that the company will achieve its plan for 2009 (Huy T.N 2009). SWOT ANALYSIS * Strengths - BMP is the leader in producing plastic products, especially PVC pipes (owning about 25% the nation market share) (Vietstock 2006). Thus, this company has a considerable impact on the domestic market. - With the pattern of about 60.000 m� areas and the most modern equipment from Germany, Italy, Australia and Canada, BMP has continuously increased the capacity of the company in recent years. For example, in 2007, BMP can produce about 29,000 tones, up 20 % compared to 2006. This capacity continues to rise significantly and reached 35,000 tones in 2008 (Hai 2008) - Recently, BMP has already set up a wide distribution network over the country with 360 stores and major gathered in HCM city, Can Tho, Vung Tau, Binh Duong, Dong Nai. This company also exports products to international market such as Japan, the U.S, Singapore, Denmark and France (Yen 2009). - By taking full the advantage of the modern technology and highly-skilled workforce, BMP can offer a wide range of high- quality products in accordance with international standards of ISO 9001: 2002. ...read more.


Furthermore, BMP need set up representative offices in South- East Asia to increase consumer expenditure. - Last but not least, the company should pay more attention to human resource development. For example, BMP can employ foreign professionals to train the latest technology for workers so that they can use modern equipment more effectively. Besides, the company ought to give the labor stable incomes which motivate them to work harder. APPENDIX AND REFERENCE Giang 2006, 'PetroVietnam plans JV to develop US$3-bil petrochemical complex', [online]. Available at URL: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/biz/2006/06/583289/ (Accessed September 25, 2009). Hai, 2008, 'Nhua Ti�n Phong v� Nhua B�nh Minh: Nhung d�i thu ngang t�i', [online]. Available at URL: http://vietcuongvungtau.vn/default.aspx?opt=news&id=15 (Accessed September 25, 2009) Huong T.K, 2009, 'BMP ph�n d�u loi nhuan bang nam ngo�i', [online]. Available at URL: http://www.baomoi.com/Home/ChungKhoan/www.tinnhanhchungkhoan.com. vn./BMP-phan-dau-loi-nhuan-bang-nam-ngoai/2577472.epi (AccessedSeptember25, 2009). Huy T.N, 2009, 'BMP - C�ng ty c� ph�n nhua B�nh Minh', [online]. Available at URL: http://www.cophieu68.com/incomestatementq.php?id=BMP&current Page=1&lang=en (Accessed September 25, 2009). Viet Capital Securities, 2009, 'Binh Minh plastic js company (BMP) - Update', [online]. Available at URL: http://www.stox.vn/stox/download.asp?id=1763 (Accessed September 25, 2009). Vietstock, 2006, 'Mot s� n�t ch�nh v� CTCP Nhua B�nh Minh (BMPLASCO)', [online]. Available at URL: http://www.vietstock.com.vn/tianyon/Indexaspx?ArticleID. =27152&ChannelID=36(Accessed September 25, 2009). Yen, 2009, 'Firms switch focus to domestic market, find going good', [online]. Available at URL: http://tbic.org.vn/english/78/tbic_details.aspx? DataID=14288 (Accessed September 25, 2009). ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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