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SWOT for adidas

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´╗┐SWOT analysis for Adidas 1. For more than 80 years Adidas Group is involved in world of sport at every level. Specifically, providing sport people with footwear, clothing and great range of accessories. In addition it has a big portfolio of products which are available everywhere in the world. Company concentrates its strategy on strengthening their brands and products in order to improve competitiveness and financial performance. Their portfolio includes such brands as: Adidas - Footwear, apparel, accessories Reebok - Footwear, apparel and accessories TaylorMade-adidas Golf - Golf Equipment: metalwoods, irons putters, golf balls, footwear, apparel and accessories Rockport - Dress, casual and outdoor footwear, apparel and accessories CCM-Hockey - Hockey equipment and apparel 1. The main principle of Adidas in terms of sports performance is delivered in the words ?Play to Win?. In other words Adidas designs and produces the products for athletes bringing passion for them as well as allowing them to be faster, smarter, stronger, cooler and natural. They focusing on such sports as: football, basketball, running, outdoor, extreme sports and training. ...read more.


3. First movers in various products such as I mentioned above ?Boot with a Brain? 4. Brand recognition all over the world with its traditional 3 strips 5. Good brand history which created strong positive reputation and acknowledgment 6. Sponsors various sports stars such as Lionel Messi or Kobe Bryant 7. A divers range of products 8. The company always obeys environmental laws and was never involved in pollution 9. Adidas acquisitions includes 5 well known brands 10. ?Together we Win? strong slogan which shows customers how Adidas cares about them. Moreover that words are strongly marketed inside the company as well. That can be seen even in their annual report. Such attitudes build strong relationship not only with customers but with employers as well. 11. Presented everywhere. Almost every country has Adidas outlets 12. High quality products guaranteed and well linked to high but competitive price. Weaknesses 1. There are a significant number of complaints about online service which is not helpful and hard to navigate. 2. Internet store is limited. ...read more.


Moreover continue providing to various schools and people experience with training and playing with their favourite sports star. 8. Cheap products without any trendy design and various modern attributes for lower-class. (As Coca-Cola did) Why should they loose clients? Threats 1. Cut throat competition from competitors. Nike strong positive reputation and growing popularity. 2. Change in consumer lifestyle. Because of the growing rate of obesity and health problems. Or even such a substitute of sports experience as computer spots games such as Kinect or WII. 3. Increasing power of customers to set the price ( high price will be a problem) and increasing power of big retailers to force companies to set the price ( harms image) 4. Increasing price of raw materials 5. Negative image created by sponsored athletes such as Kobe Bryant and his case about sexual assault 6. Increase in import and export duties 7. Crises in the world. People are not able to pay such a big price for their products. 8. Price war between competitors can force the price to drop in order to sell. ...read more.

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