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This essay discusses that the importance of ethical principles by applied globally by multinational companies.

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?????????? TIANFU COLLEGE OF SWUFE Subject: International Business Today Tutor: Nicole Long Author: Ayuki ??? Student number: 41106954 Class: 2+2 American class Ethical in Multinational Companies The Burning issue This essay discusses that the importance of ethical principles by applied globally by multinational companies. At present, international businesses not only require lawful, laws just make businesspeople and others more accountable may help. But laws don't make people honest, reliable, or truthful. A society gets in trouble when it considers ethics and legality to be the same. Many immoral and unethical acts fall well within our laws. Ethical problems are the most burning issue in nowadays. It includes employment practices, human rights, environmental regulation, corruption, and the moral obligation of multinational corporations. As multinational companies expand globally and enter foreign markets, the global recession has meant that traditional business practices are increasingly being brought into question. As a direct result, more people and organizations are realizing the value of procuring services from ethical businesses. The Overview Globalization is creating more ethical standards of international business conduct. The truly multinational companies must come to grips with the legal and moral atmosphere in which they operate. ...read more.


Reduce, reuse and recycle are the business concept of Levi Strauss & Co in their manufacturing process. In addition, the way Levi Strauss & Co care for their workers extends well beyond the factory. By providing grants through the Levi Strauss Foundation, they seek to ensure that workers have the training and tools they need to stay healthy outside the workplace, reducing absenteeism and lost wages and increasing productivity. They also support innovative local, regional and global nonprofit organizations that encourage enforcement of labor laws, increase awareness of healthcare issues and promote access to asset-building and life skills training for employees, contractors and their families. Levi Strauss & Co has the success not only come from their outstanding products but also come from their ethics conducts. Multinational companies follow the ethical principles; especially apply in its subsidiaries in developing countries which is a good method to enhance the multinational companies' reputation. An ethical multinational company wins praise. Those unethical multinational companies should be condemned. Nike, the world's largest athletic shoe company, has been accused by human rights and labor groups of treating it workers poorly at many of its subcontractors while lavishing millions of dollars on star athletes to endorse it products. ...read more.


3. Educating specific types of employees also varied greatly between headquarters and international locations. For example, 96 percent of companies educate both "supervisors/mangers" and "senior executives" in headquarters, the numbers drop to 84 percent and 83 percent respectively in their international operations. Figure 1: This figure suggests that multinational companies need to strengthen efforts to equalize their ethics and compliance management process throughout their international operations. Conclusion In this era of rapid change and globalization, multinational companies should observe ethics principle toward achieving global standards. There are some reasons that show why ethics principle is important to multinational companies. Firstly, it makes multinational companies accountable during their engagement. Secondly, it shows multinational companies' character and reputation to be more sound and marketable, and desire to develop long-term relationships. Thirdly, it provides multinational companies with a leadership role in the global community. Learning global ethics and standards is another approach to moving from the old way of doing business to developing a new structure. As global consumers, investors, employees and other stakeholders make fewer distinctions between ethical and socially responsible conduct, they will have increasing expectations that companies will consistently aim to do the right thing, no matter where in the world they do business. Managers can adopt to make sure that ethical considerations are incorporated into decision making in an international business firm. ...read more.

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