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Unit 4: Describe the recruitment and retention process and documentation in a selected organisation.

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P1 - Describe the recruitment and retention process and documentation in a selected organisation. This business report will be about the importance of employing suitable people. Firstly the recruitment and retention process will be discussed with a flow diagram of the business plan. After this, different documentation will be discussed for example, a job description, person specification and an application form. All of this will be related to Epping Forest College and a specific job vacancy which is available at the college. The job vacancy is an AAT teacher. Employer: Epping Forest College Location: Loughton, Essex Salary: �16,980 - �30,705 Contract: Part Time and Fixed Term Contract Job Type: Lecturer Closing Date: 8 January 2010 Human Resources Recruitment and Retention Finding the best suitable person is one of the most important factors of a business, if they employed someone who is not suitable the likelihood is the wrong business decisions will be made. This is why they must employ the most suitable candidates for the best business decisions to be made. There are many different ways in which a business can attract workers. Traditional methods now have to compete with internet based methods of recruitment. Examples of traditional and internet based methods are: - Traditional Methods Internet based methods Newspaper advertisement Online application form Paper based CV Online CV Letter Email Word of mouth Web advertisement Paper based application form Web ...read more.


This is so that they can monitor whether or not it's the best way of recruitment. Retention Keeping staff is very important in every business, especially in a college. It is known as staff retention. When an organisation such as Epping Forest College recruits staff they need to make sure that they are suitable and fit in to the organisation and work to the best of their ability. If they recruit someone and after a few months they leave Epping College will have to pay recruitment costs again and have the hassle of finding a new candidate. This would cost a lot of money, it would also leave other members of staff fed up and unhappy as they would have to fill in someone else's duty until a replacement is found. Epping Forest College can use measurements to work out how long staff are staying with them and work out targets to maintain or improve the trend. The key measurement that can be used is known as staff turnover. This is where the number of staff leaving during a year is worked out as a percentage of all the staff employed in that year. The formula for this is: - Number of staff leaving in a year � 100 Average number of staff employed in that year 20 �100 = 10% 200 This will help the business to be able to monitor trends to see how many employees are leaving. ...read more.


Epping Forest College ask for the nature of the business, job title, current salary, notice required, date appointed, allowances received and the reason for leaving. Section 2 The second part of the application form which Epping Forest College demand is a brief outline of duties in the candidate's current or most recent job. Section 3 Section three in the application form is employment history, Epping Forest College ask the dates to and from with the name and address of employer, nature of the business and additional reasons of why you left. Section 4 Epping Forest College will ask if you had any breaks in resent employment history, if so why and how long for. Section 5 Section 5 in the application form is to do with education, previous secondary school/ higher education will need to be list with certificates and the qualifications awarded. Section 6 Epping Forest College are asking for a little bit of information from the candidate in section 6. They want to know what the candidates experience, skills, competencies and qualifications that suit them for the specific job role. This section of the application form is very important, its very important that the applicant tires to fit the person specification. Section 7 Section 7 is about sickness, EFC want to know how many days the candidate has had off due to being sick in the past 2 years, they also want to know how many days in total. ...read more.

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