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Using a diary system has many different purposes and can bring many benefits to the business.

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´╗┐Unit 208 Use a diary system 1. Understand a diary system 1. Explain the purpose of using a diary system Using a diary system has many different purposes and can bring many benefits to the business. Within my company we have many different offices and it can sometimes be hard to communicate with each other and know exactly what each person is doing on what day. By using our online diary system it makes it much easier to find out if a certain person is in the office or if they are on appointments. It also ensures that nobody is ?double booked? meaning that if they have an appointment on a certain day, they can check the diary system and ensure that they do not book anything on the same day. Time management is a very important purpose of using a diary system as it means administration staff do not need to spend hour?s co-ordinating diaries to schedule meetings or appointments. 1. Describe different types of diary systems 1. ...read more.


Where the appointment is to be held 5. If there are any additional attendees 6. What the appointment is for 7. Any additional notes that may be needed 1. Explain how to prioritise requests To prioritise requests you should ensure that you put the most important ones first. This ensures that the ones that are urgent, for example are being dealt with before the ones that may not be as urgent but are still important. 1. Explain the purpose of prioritising requests Prioritising requests is important because if there is a request that is urgent and very important you need to make sure that this is prioritised above the rest. 1. Explain the purpose of trying to balance the needs of all those involved It is important to try and balance the needs of all those involved as it is important to ensure that everyone is treat fairly. If someone?s needs are put above everyone else?s then this may cause problems as it means that their requests are not being dealt with. ...read more.


When new requests are made, there might be problems that arise. Such as there may be a clash with the diary system so this means something may need to be re arranged. If this is the case, the most important/urgent one will be kept and the other may be re arranged for another day. 2. If the request includes travel expenses for example, the company may not be willing to pay for all of them and this means that they may need to arrange for the meeting, for example, to be held within the company, therefore reducing any expenses. 1. Explain the purpose of following security and confidentiality procedures when using a diary system It is important to keep confidentiality secure when using a diary system as there will be a lot of information going into the diary entries and this may include personal information from clients, for example, and they may not want this information to be passed on to anyone else. It is also important to keep a diary system secure as the organisation will not want anyone to be able to access their diary system. ...read more.

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