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We have spent plenty of hours in finally approving the decision of producing rip less Extreme T-shirts. Therefore an analysis of appropriate target market is necessary.

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Table of contents : Pages Question 1. 3-6 Question 2 7-10 Question 3 11-14 Question 4 15-18 Question 5 a 19-20 Question 5 b 21-23 QUESTION 1. CHOOSE A SERVICE OR A PRODUCT THAT YOU MIGHT WANT TO LAUNCH IN THE MARKET AND SUPPORT REASONS OF CHOOSING IT WITH THE HELP OF: 1. YOUR VISION OR OBJECTIVE 2. MARKET DEMAND AND COMPETITION. ANSWER 1. --Description of the Product -West Nile Extreme Co.- rip less Extreme T-shirts. The clothing industry is often referred to as the fashion industry. It is an industry dependent on and nourished by changes in color, design, and fabric. This industry in Dubai has increased enormously throughout the years. Styles of clothing have changed as a result of contact with other societies and competition for status within a society. The fashion trend that was four years ago might not hold any importance today due to change in generation to generation, lifestyles of the population, etc. We have spent plenty of hours in finally approving the decision of producing rip less Extreme T-shirts. Therefore an analysis of appropriate target market is necessary. We can't target the whole market since that would result in ultimate failure. Our target market should be unique that distinguish a certain group of consumers from the overall market. "Our vision is to be the best company in the world--in the eyes of our customers, shareholders, communities and specially people. We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping our companies values top of mind." Product review The Extreme T-shirt will come in several different colors and designs. Features include pockets on the inside of the shirt so that valuables are safe, a special cotton blend material in the neck for comfort and ventilation, and of course, the special rip-less Kevlar-based material for safety. We will guarantee that our shirt will not rip! If there is any problem with the product, we will send the customer a brand new one for no extra cost. ...read more.


The product is far more technologically advanced than any other type of clothing in the market. We must first register the product as a trademark in the hopes of slowing down competitors. Since the product was obtained through the company's research and technology, it is the first of its kind. The brand "West Nile T-Shirts", the logo, the development of the product itself will be registered as a trademark. Our many long-term goals include the research and development of a brand new West Nile clothing line for the same target market. This Kevlar-based technology will be implemented in long-sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, and even shorts. They will still be directed towards the 12-30yrs skateboarding market. We eventually will produce new products for a different target market such as any other sport that involves numerous injuries, cuts and bruises. QUESTION 4. KEEPING IN MIND SEGMENTATION ISSUES AND DISTRIBUTION DEMANDS AND ORGANIZATION OBJECTIVE NOW RATIONALLY SUGGEST A PRICING PLAN FOR YOUR PRODUCT. ANSWER 4. ACTION PROGRAM In 2010, we will invest a total Dhs5 million in promotional support of our West Nile Extreme T-shirt. The majority Dhs3 million will be used in commercial and advertising such as television, radio, newspaper and magazine. The remaining Dhs2 million is to be used in distributing free Extreme T-shirts and the contest we are planning all over UAE. In the commercial and advertising, the logic here is that we will determined the optimal promotion message that Extreme T-shirt protects skateboarders from minor/major injuries and has distinguished quality of anti-skid/rip. Therefore, Extreme T-shirt is helping consumers save their money and time. When customers think of Extreme T-shirt, its distinguished quality should come first in their minds. Dhs2 million is planned in consumer promotion, including Dhs1 million for winning free Extreme T-shits draw. In order to distribute free Extreme T-shirts, we will use big shopping malls or retail stores to enter a contest. ...read more.


The pricing strategy used for this will be skimming, so that cost will be recovered. The great demand for this product once they hit the market will undoubtedly benefit the organization. The organization intends to position this product in the mid-high price range and extremely high quality and durability. The distribution method chosen for this product will be one step channels distribution. Distributing directly to retailers will cut down on marks up from distribution and will keep prices low for the consumer. We would sell in bulk to a franchise distribution centre, such as Loblaws Distribution or National Grociers and they would take the responsibility to distribute our product to its affiliates or selling to other retailers who in turn sell to the final consumer. Even if small retailers choose to purchase our product from franchised distributor, they offer our product at convenient time and location, but of course with a mark up. One Step Distribution For the promotion of our West Nile T-Shirts there are several places we shall be advertising and promoting our products to get attention and recognition. A big help with promoting will come from Tony Hawk, a pro skater whom we have indorsed to wear and use our products. Tony Hawk is at the moment the most popular skateboarder, so him wearing and using our equipment will be a massive influence to our future customers. He is going to have our West Nile shirts in his new game Tony Hawk: Underground 2 and he will also be wearing our shirts when he skates. At the current moment our rip-less shirts have an extreme unique edge and no direct competition for the product, therefore we will be utilize skimming pricing. Because we are using the skimming pricing our promotions will be directed at the benefits of the shirt being rip-less and yet still trendy. Advertisements will be circulating in Thrasher Magazine and Skateboarding Magazine; the ads will consist of skateboarders whom fit our target market skating in our products. ...read more.

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