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What is a SWOT Analysis?

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SWOT analysis (I) What is a SWOT Analysis? * SWOT stands for Strength, Weaknesses (Internal), Opportunities and Threats (External) * It can be an excellent, fast tool for exploring the possibilities for initiating new programs in the school. * Through a systematic approach of introspection into both positive and negative concerns, a SWOT analysis looks at future possibilities for the school. * It is intended to summarise a strategic situation, with a view to deciding what the organisation should do next (Lockwood, 2006). * It is a scan of the internal and external environment. (II) Internal and External Analysis Internal Analysis Factors can be evaluated across the school/ department in areas such as: * School/ department culture * School/ department image * Organizational structure * Staff ...read more.


Strengths A school/ department's strengths are its resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing the school/ department. Weaknesses The absence of certain strengths may be viewed as a weakness. External Analysis Changes in the external environment may be related to: * Intake of students * Trends * Social changes * New education policies * Parents (parental support) * Population demographics * Funding agencies * Service providers (free services/ paid services) Opportunities The external environmental analysis may reveal certain new opportunities for the school/ department. Threats Changes in the external environment may present threats to the school/ department. Note: Opportunities and threats can sometimes have their origin inside the organization. ...read more.


3. Avoid ambiguous, general opportunities and threats that could be put forward for just any school/ department under any circumstances. (IV) Reminders when doing SWOT Analysis * Internal weaknesses could reveal areas that can be changed to improve the school/ department or some things that are beyond control. School/ department could work on areas which they are able to make changes/ improvement. * In a SWOT analysis, the strength and weaknesses of resources must be considered as relative but not absolute terms. It is important to consider whether they are being managed effectively as well as efficiently. Resources, therefore, are not strong or weak purely because they exist or not exist. Rather, their value depends on how they are being managed, controlled and used. ?? ?? ?? ?? Language Learning Support Section: Holistic Planning -Enhancing English Language Learning and Teaching Nov 2006 ...read more.

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