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Working With Leading People British Airways

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Introduction This is an informal report for British Airways, regarding new Business Graduate Project Teams; detailing the process of identifying, advertising and selecting the possible recruits. Draft Personal Specification for Project Team Member Essential Desirable Indentified How Qualifications * Business Degree * Business degree at 2:1 or 1 Application, Certificate Experience * Team based experience through employment or personal development * Research projects * Report writing * Previous steady employment * Team based work experience * Work experience in area of study * Work experience in area applied for * Work experience in an airport * Team leader * High grade on dissertation Application, Interview, Reference Knowledge and Understanding * A good technical understanding * Should have some knowledge of BA's customer relations and business policies * Should have basic understanding of health and safety issues * Should have basic understanding of security issues that may occur at airports * Need to understand the market in Which BA operate in. * Should have a Good understanding about corporate policies and understand how BA conducts itself in the economy * Should have a good understanding of security issues that occur in airports - possibly through experience * Good knowledge of the market and an understanding of how BA operates within that market - possibly through experience Interview, Reference Skills * Time management * Planning * Communication * Problem solving * Computer skills - word, project manager, excel, sage etc. ...read more.


The successful candidate will have the opportunity to join a project team of business graduates to develop ways to deal with internal consultancy problems faced with ever challenging market. In this highly diverse company it is unlikely that there will ever be a boring day in the office. Key duties may include: Team building, problem solving, research, people management, financial management and stock control. Job related experience and skills: The team will require a mixture of graduates with different skills and capabilities which cover marketing, finance, operations, purchasing, and human resources. Candidates are also required to have a good technical knowledge, have good time management and have the ability to research, generate solutions and write reports. Good communication and social skills are necessary, as team work is a vital component of the job. Ability to follow instructions and abide by all rules and regulations Justifications of Advertisement The draft advertisement was done for the use of an internet jobsite, such as www.monster.co.uk, so it has to follow a certain structure. The structure followed however is suitable for this job. The salary is a very important part of the offer and the description of the job is second. This is because; in this current state of the economy it is more likely that applicants will be attracted by money and not necessarily job role. But just in case the applicants are more attracted by the job and its opportunities, a short quote in bold helps attract the reader to read what it would be like to work for BA. ...read more.


Care must be taken in the questions asked, to prevent discrimination arising, such as family background, religion, age, etc unless it is needed for the job role. Again notes should be taken as a safety precaution. The second interview which will consist of all the applicants who passed the first interview, will shoe BA how the applicants can work in a team. This can consists of role plays, challenges and quizzes. This will also show which applicants fit into which role of a team, such as Belbin team roles theory (1984), (BPP, page288). This is helpful because it BA would not want a team of clashing personalities. In order for this process to work best, make sure that the teams are constantly change in the exercise to ensure that the applicants are not getting used to their groups. The reason for this is because BA wants to test how the applicants interact with others and the people they first meet are unlikely might to be their team when they are hired. Notes need to be taken for security reasons again. BA should now be able to decide who they will hire. When the contracts are arranged it is advised to set a "probationary period", (hrmguide, 2007). This is where BA can let go of staff that are not adequate for the job, and then rehire to fill the spot. This should be assessed with appraisals during the first few months of employment. ...read more.

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