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International Baccalaureate: Chemistry

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  1. Bomb calorimetry. The goal of this experiment was to use temperature data over time from combustion reactions to calculate the heat released and then produce an experimental value for the heat of formation of naphthalene.

    A substance with a known heat of combustion such as benzoic acid may be used to determine the heat capacity of the calorimeter. Once that value is known, the heats of combustion for other chemical samples are also found by combusting them. The determined heats of combustion may be used to find experimental values of the standard heats of formation of the different chemicals combusted. The chemical equations for the combustion of the organic sample and the standard heats of formation of the combustion products (carbon dioxide gas and liquid water)

    • Word count: 3179
  2. Electrolysis of copper sulphate

    Hypothesis: It is hypothesised that if the current increases then mass deposited on the cathode will increase at a proportional rate. Variables Independent ? Magnitude of Current flowing into the electrolytic cells. Dependent ? Mass of Copper deposited at the cathode after electrolysis (g) Controlled Variables: These variables affect the experiment results and should be controlled by being kept constant throughout the experiment to gain a reliable result. - Concentration of Copper (II) Sulphate solution. The higher the concentration of Copper (II)

    • Word count: 4509

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