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Chemistry experiment

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Chemistry Experiment ------ Industrial Discharges My experiment is about Industrial Discharges. The main idea of my experiment is to show the disadvantages of Industrial Discharges. According to my research, I found that factories letting out the polluted water to the sea, oceans and rivers. Polluting water causes many chemical changes in the water. For example, there is not enough air in the water, the fishes and plants don't have much air in the water, so they died. This is a serious problem, not only because human eat fish in the water, but also damage the balance of the environment. ...read more.


The details are below: Dates Colour of leaves Beaker1 Colour of leaves Beaker2 Alive leaves in Beaker 1 Alive leaves in Beaker 2 22/11/07(Thursday) All Green All Green 22 22 23/11/07(Friday) All Green All Green 22 22 26/11/07(Monday) All Green 21 Green 1 Yellow 22 21 27/11/07(Tuesday) All Green 21 Green 1 Yellow 22 21 28/11/07(Wednesday) 21 Green 1 Yellow 20 Green 2 Yellow 21 20 29/11/07(Thursday) 21 Green 1 yellow 20 Green 2 Yellow 21 20 30/11/07(Friday) 21 Green 1 yellow 20 Green 2 Yellow 21 20 2/12/07(Monday) ...read more.


Let us image, if there are fishes, animals live in the water, they probably will die soon. So this shows that industrial water is harmful. Human being is living on the earth, the water, the air, the environment around us are all very important to us, we need to keep them clean, protect the earth, so that will be happy. Let's stop polluting the water, especially the factories and companies, the water is becoming more and more dirty, maybe one day there are no clean water for human being. (This shows the alive leaves, from here I can see leaves in Beaker 1 is more than Beaker 2) ?? ?? ?? ?? Delia Wu ...read more.

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