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  • Submitted: 22/08/2009
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International Baccalaureate Chemistry

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Student: Vu Cuong Nguyen

School: Auckland International College

Due date: Wednesday 15th August 2007

I. Aim: To determine the formula of the hydrate of copper (II) sulfate.

II. Hypothesis:

Hydrates are ionic compounds that have a definite amount of water as part of their structure. The water is chemically combined with the salt in a definite ratio. Ratios vary in different hydrates but are specific for any given hydrate.

In this experiment, the hydrate of copper sulfate has the formula CuSO4.xH20. When it is heated, the water is released as vapor and we can describe the reaction as below:

Hydrate Anhydrous salt + Salt

CuSO4.xH20 CuSO4 + xH20

The amount of water in the hydrate is determined by taking the difference between the mass of the hydrate before and after heated. Then, the percentage composition of water can be calculated basing on its mass. According to usual theory, hydrated copper sulfate has the following formula CuSO4.5H2O. Therefore, the result collected from the experiment should be x = 5.

III. Equipment/Chemical:

1. Equipment:

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