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Dissolving and Energy Changing

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SPH Dissolving and Energy Changing Science Experiment Sarah Harefa 10.4 Solutions Initial Temperature (�C) Final Temperature (�C) NH4NO3 22 19 KCl 21 19 Na2CO3 22 19 NaNO3 20 18 KNO2 21 18 NaOH 21 32 Temperature Changes of Dissolved Solutions in Distilled Water Evaluation: The overall outcome of the experiment is really good. ...read more.


First of all, the thermometer flaw; we must record the initial time of the water to know what type of reaction is occurring and read thermometer in on eye level. It's very crucial if we groups keep making the flaws, the experiment will become unreliable. ...read more.


It proves that the energy from surrounding is absorbed to into the system which is the solutions and breaks the chemical bonds. The only exothermic is NaOH which final temperature rise by 11�C from its initial temperature. It proves that the energy from the system is unleashed to the surrounding marking a chemical bonding. ...read more.

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