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Percent Yield of a Precipitate

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Percent Yield of a Precipitate Khan Salinder PURPOSE: To measure the yield of precipitate in the reaction between calcium chloride dihydrate and sodium carbonate monohydrate and calculate the percent yield. APPARATUS/PROCEDURE: See Handout DATA & ANALYSIS: Mass of Substances Substance Mass CaCl2(2H2O & Filter Paper 4.08 (g � 0.01g) Filter Paper 0.40 (g � 0.01g) CaCl2(2H2O 3.68 (g � 0.02g) Na2CO3(H2O & Filter Paper 5.45 (g � 0.01g) Filter Paper 0.40 (g � 0.01g) Na2CO3(H2O 5.05 (g � 0.02g) CaCO3 & Filter Paper 4.29 (g � 0.01g) ...read more.


To make a 50.0mL solution of 0.5M CaCl2(2H2O, the appropriate number of grams was measured. It was also made sure that there was enough Na2CO3(H2O to fully react with the CaCl2(2H2O. The theoretical yield of CaCO3 precipitate was 2.50g. Our experimental yield was 2.87g, resulting in a percent yield of 115%. A high percent yield may have bee the result of many different errors. The percent error was 14.8% and the percent uncertainty was 7.91%. Therefore systematic errors were mainly sources of error in our experiment. ...read more.


As well, when weighing the CaCO3 precipitate, there may have been extra weight added to the precipitate due to touching the filter paper with our hands. To improve this experiment, we would make sure to give the precipitate more time to dry. As well, we would use a buchner funnel to drain as much water out as possible. When weighing substances, we would be careful in measuring more accurately. Also when touching the CaCO3 precipitate we would wear gloves so that no extra weight is added from our fingers. CONCLUSION: In this experiment, a yield of 2.87g of CaCO3 was produced. ...read more.

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