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synthesis of aspirin

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Synthesis of Aspirin Anabel Castro Chemistry III IB Planning A Research question: Which is more pure, salicylic acid, commerical aspirin, or home-made aspirin when tested with Ferric Chloride solution? Hypothesis: If the three substances are tested for purification by the addition of Ferric Chloride solution, then the purest substance will be salicylic acid then the home-made aspirin because Ferric chloride solution produces characteristic color changes when it reacts with certain organic compounds. In addition, the test tube containing the purest substance will have the smallest color change. Variables(Independant): The substances mixed with Ferric Chloride solution. (Dependant): Pureness (Controlled): amount of ferric chloride solution, amount of distilled water, clean test tubes. ...read more.


* Measure 3.00 mL of Acetic Anhydride in a 5.00 mL graduated cylinder. * Add the acetic anhydride to the salicylic acid in the flask. Use the acetic anhydride to wash down any salicylic acid remaining on the side of the flask. Swirl the flask gently. * Add 10 drops of 85% phosphoric acid to the flask. * Fill a 600 mL beaker half way. Heat up to 85 degrees C. Place the flask in the beaker to heat up for 5 minutes. * Immediately add 3.00 mL of distilled water to flask while the reaction is still hot. * Once decomposition is complete, add 25.0 mL of distilled water to rinse down the inside of the flask. ...read more.


If the two weights are 0.05 grams or less apart, then product is dry. If not, then repetition of heating and weighing must continue until products agree to 0.05 grams or less. * Place dry product in a labeled test tube. * Obtain three small test tubes * Into the first test tube, add a few crystals of salicylic acid and 5.00 mL of distilled water. Now add a few crystals of your aspirin and 5.00 mL of distilled water in the second test tube. In the third test tube, add a little of crushed commercial aspirin and 5.00 mL of distilled water. * Once the crystals dissolved, add one drop of Ferric Chloride to each test tube. Observe and record the color changes. Data Collection Data Analysis Actual Yeid of Crude Aspirin: Theoretical Yield: Percen Yield: Evaluation ...read more.

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