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Synthesis of FeS

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SYNTHESIS OF FeS Seren Sapmaz 582 ATC Purpose: To synthesize iron (II) sulfide from iron and sulfur. Materials: * * Iron filings * Sulfur powder * A test tube * Test tube holder * Bunsen burner * A magnet * An equal arm balance * A box of matches * Ethyl alcohol * A set of masses Procedure: 1. Weigh 2.1g of iron powder and 1.2g of sulfur powder. Put them in different places. 2. First take a magnet and approach to iron fillings. The magnet will attract the iron filings. ...read more.


6. Take the substances out of the test tube onto the watch glass. If necessary, break the test tube to remove the contents from it. 7. Watch the substance formed. Examine the effect of the magnet on the substance. Is it attracted by magnet? Crush the substance. Add a spatula measure of the substance to about 10cm3 of ethyl alcohol. Close the test tube with a stopper and shake it. Does it dissolve? 8. Remember that iron is attracted by magnet and sulfur dissolves in ethyl alcohol. Did the properties of iron and sulfur change when heated together? ...read more.


sulfide was 4, 84. * We saw that the mass-mass ratio between iron and sulfur is 7/4. And 7gramsof iron reacts 4 grams of sulfur to give 11 grams of iron sulfide. * We can say that a new compound, iron (II) sulfide, is built up from iron and sulfur. The word equation for this reaction is; ? Iron + sulfur iron (II) sulfide Some properties of iron, sulfur and iron (II) sulfide Substance Property Iron Sulfur Iron (II) sulfide Appearance Black powder yellow powder Black-brown solid Solubility in alcohol Insoluble Soluble Insoluble Affect of magnet Attracted - - Density (g/cm3) 7,86 1,92 4,84 Melting point (K) 1808 380 1466 ...read more.

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