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Designer(TM)s Portfolio

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Designer's Portfolio --- Waiting for Godot By Samuel Beckett ADA 4M Drama Term II 2007 Niya Sang Due Date: Friday, march 2, 2007 A brief summary of the play............................................3 The setting and the overall mood in the play......................4 A serious of quotations that comments directly on the aspects of the design..................................................................5-6 Props in the play..........................................................7-8 A color scheme for the play.............................................8-9 A visual collage for the play.............................................9 Photographs for the play..............................................10-12 1. A brief summary of the play Two tramps named Estragon and Vladimir meet on the road, beside a sick looking tree. They are happy because they didn't see each other for a long time. Estragon has a sore foot and is having troubles taking his boot off. The two men remember that they are supposed to wait for a man named Godot. In the play it shows that they do not remember the man named Godot really well, but they think he is going to give them an answer. But they cannot remember the questions. While they are waiting, estragon falls asleep. Vladimir suddenly fells lonely, so he wakes Estragon up. Tired of going nothing, they begin to talk about the tree and the wait. And they talk about their condition- homeless and lack of money. After a while, a master with his slave appears whose names are Pozzo and Lucky. ...read more.


But as we know that the tramps do not see the man that they are waiting for, it shows the eternal hopelessness of life. Based on the reasons, actually this play can be considered as a tragedy. 2. A serious of quotations that comments directly on the aspects of the design. 1) "The play opens on a totally surreal note, with a tramp trying to pull off his boot on a lonely road under a leafless tree." ( From- Sam I Am - Beckett's private purgatories" by Benjamin Kunkel in The New Yorker) 2) "But yesterday evening it was all black and bare. And now it's covered with leaves." (From- the play "Waiting for Godot" Act II, line 1, by Samuel Beckett) 3) "A country road. A tree. Evening. Estragon, sitting on a low mound, is trying to take off his boot. He pulls at it with both hands, panting." (By Samuel Beckett at the beginning of Act I) 4) "A terrible cry, close at hand. Estragon drops the carrot. They remain motionless, and then together make a sudden rush towards the wings. Estragon stops halfway, runs back, picks up the carrot, stuffs it in his pocket, runs to rejoin Vladimir who is waiting for him, stops again, runs back, picks up his boot, runs to rejoin Vladimir. ...read more.


The reason that I think the road is associated with the play is because it represent one of the themes of the play. In the play, we know that it talks about two tramps are waiting for man named Godot, but he never comes. No one knows whether he will come or not. All they can do is keeping waiting. Think deeper about the waiting; I think the play want to show us the two men are waiting for hope. Godot is symbolic. Back to the road, we can see from the picture the characteristic of the road is long and you can never see the end. It reflects on the play about waiting for hope. All they can do is waiting, but no one knows whether there is hope or the future is hopeless. The future is unknown. 3. A bright moon The concept of the passage of time leads to an irony. Each minute spent waiting brings death one step closer to the character s and makes the arrival of Godot lees likely. The moon in some point, actually represent the changing of time. When the moon comes up, it means one day is finished. And another is coming. But there is no sign of hope appeared for the two tramps. When you see them standing in the moon, a really sad and hopeless feeling will naturally comes out from my mind. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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